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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gross… really.

I didn’t run today, just a busy day at work.

I have been struggling with whether I should tell this story. It is pretty gross and incredibly embarrassing. My Darling wife can’t stop laughing at me. In the spirit of full disclosure on the stupid shit I do, or the ridonkculous things that happen to me, here goes.

Ok. Traci made some tasty little cheesecake oreo things. I enjoy her tasty baking and all so I decided to have another one (they were pretty little). Traci had finished one of the little morsels of goodness a bit earlier, so I just grabbed her bowl and used it.

I enjoyed the snack immensely.

I was munching on the last bite as I took the bowl out to the kitchen and there was a little crunchy bit in my mouth that seemed out of place in this generally soft dessert. I decided it was not right, and I picked it out of  my mouth. What the heck is this? hmmm… upon closer inspection… god. yuck.

a clipped fingernail.

I say (with a little gag), hey honey, there was a fingernail in my dessert. She says, there was no fingernail in your dessert. Uh… yeah there is. She starts to say no there isn’t, but she stops short and start to shake violently in a fit of laughter. I am like, WTF?

She pulls it together long enough to ask “Did you use my bowl?” Uh yeah, why? And it dawned on me. Yep, she clipped her nails into the bowl and I ate them.

I get a little queasy thinking about it still. Now, tell me dear readers. Is this the kind of thing you enjoy in my (any) blog? Or is discretion required on some level for these and other maladies in my life that may end up being a bit off color, but nonetheless true.


  1. a giggle is great even if its because of something gross. Glad it was not me hahahahahahahaha :)
    Ah, the joys of cohabitation!

  2. It coulda been worse. But, I don't wanna think of how.