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Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Trail Run Tomorrow…

I am really looking forward to it. Stopped off at MEC to pick up a few necessities including some Injinji socks for my 5’s. the Trail is called Powderface/Prairie Link and is the outermost trail in this picture.

It is a very popular trail for bikers, hikers, horseback riders and runners alike, so there should be a good number of people out on a Sunday Morning. I will be meeting Lorne at 8am to get started. Lorne and I haven’t actually met yet, but we have built up a bit of a rapport on Blogger and Facebook. I saw him in the VFF facebook photo album and requested to be friends for obvious reasons. (well not that obvious I guess. He is from here(Calgary Area) and ran the Powderface 42 in 5’s) that was the reason.

Here is the trail from a Mountain Bikers perspective. LOVE this video.

And this weather report is why I bought the Injinji socks… AND i’ll be wearing a cap, gloves, long pants and my running jacket…


I will be baptized by chilly into trail running won’t I? Am SOOOO looking forward to it.

Stay tuned for a report tomorrow night!


  1. Now that looks like a fun run. I would not want to bike it though (I am afraid of speed).

  2. looks like a great place to enter the world of trail running! WOW. i hope you have a great time, and look forward to reading about it. cool, man.

  3. speaking of running around the s-rockets ... what about the road apples from the horses?

  4. Andrew... Andrew. If I can't see a 10 inch diameter lump of HorseS#@T, I need my Eyes re-lasered. Don't you think? Actually, it's the nasty Dog turds I worry about more, and not in the mountians. The inconsiderate dog owners that take their dogs outside at night and not ick up after them,because, if a dog poops on the path and you can't see it at night, did he really poop?

  5. That trail looks like it has some pretty good climbs - I mean hills.

    Knock it out.

  6. Man, that video made me miss mountain biking. It's been years. I had to quit when I took a nasty spill. I didn't get hurt at all, I just landed in a pile of horse apples. To actually touch something yucky traumatized me beyond the aid of powerful psychotropic medications.

  7. Well I am glad you were as crazy as I was this morning to run that trail! I'll have a blog posted too about the run,

  8. Neil, with regards to my comment on the last post, no I am not nuts, but I thought you might be :-) I don't do alot of trails, but really think I need to. Let us know how it went. BTW, completely off subject, did you read Born to Run? Did you know that you can go run with Caballo Blanco for relatively cheap?

  9. Hi Chris: We might be nuts. hehe. It was snowing on our totally Awesome trail run today!

    I read born to run, and I understood it enough to know that I have no desire to run in Copper Canyon... too scary!