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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quick and painful…

A quick post tonight. I have a high speed connection in my mountain paradise campground, however I have no power to plug the laptop in. I got about 45 minutes to do what I got to do. I am going back to the city tomorrow for a while and I will bring my inverter. I’m sure i’ll have lots to say then.

image I got the boy to move all the firewood. Isn’t that why we have kids?

My legs ache today. wow. Hills really beat them up. It’s just aches, no injury, but boy. My soles are tender, and my calves constantly tell me they are there! I was feeling a little low this morning, what with the achy feet, so I put a pair of socks on and went and found my new pair of NB 1063’s. I wore the running shoes for 3 hours and thought my feet were going to fall off. My heel actually started to get really sore and the pressure on my arch was almost unbearable. When we got set up in the campground I took them off, and had the most enjoyable feeling of well being float over me.

Am I becoming a bit of a zealot?

image Me in a bit of a melancholy mood.

Anyway, I put the 5’s on for some walks and I am much better now. thank you. Oh yeah. Thanks to all my old and new readers. You guys and gals and the regular commenter's make this blogness super fun for me!


  1. I cannot wear my running shoes anymore. I used to live in them. What shall I do come winter?

    I use an old pair of running shoes for Kung Fu, ones where the treads are really worn down so they don't grip too much.

    Ever since this barefoot thing, now I feel every spec of those shoes when I'm in Kung Fu class and they bother me! I feel my toes ramming up against the front when I'm in horse stance and doing other stuff. Ouch!

    But I sort of miss the way supportive spongy shoes used to feel good.

  2. I agree with Ewa. My 4 year old will help me do ANYTHING, but the 17 year old can't be bothered to do ANYTHING. ahhh...youth.
    i did some sprints last night at the local soccer field, and did a 200m jog followed by a 100m sprint barefoot to end the evening. the grass felt great! reminded me of being a 4 year old....

  3. ZOMG!1! I didn't know you were the Creative Genius behind the Amazing Animated Show Family Guy!1!

    But that second pic makes it obvious you are!1!

  4. The camping looks like fun. Much more fun than starting school!!

    My feet have been aching all week. I've went from running shoes to dress shoes this week.

    Not gonna work. Used my inserts but feet still hurt. Think my principal will let me transition to Barefoot Mark???

    Or at least New Balance Mark? Actually, once school gets going, its the NB 461's everyday!!

  5. hmmm the wood thing gives me an idea ... I wonder if I can find someone to fit into my business suit ... hey, my secretary does all my work anyway

  6. Ewa: THANKS! i was hoping I wasn't.

    AS: I too am sad that shoes don't feel like they used to. I used them as my go to device when my feet were tired.

    Gene: Grass huh? Josh, i'll let you take this one this time.

    Heisenberg: I'm not the creator of that show. I clicked on that link and MAN is that Seth guy good looking, wow!

    Mark: I think you should push for Barefoot, then when you show up with Vff's it'll be accepted as the lesser evil.

    AO: I don't ever what to know what you are thinking with that comment. never.

  7. hopefully prairie link trail works for you tomorrow. A blog about that would make me smile :-)

  8. Just found your blog. I never, ever run without shoes, but I swim barefoot every time. Does that count?

  9. Oh, and I'm following you now because all the cool kids are doing it : )

  10. Hi Wendy! Yes, Barefoot Swimming counts. I always wear my socks in the pool.