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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I’m writing a book…

And it starts like this:

When ‘Up With People’ came to our school in 1989, I was ready to leave with them.

It will be a tale of a guy and half a lifetime of averageness. Average grades, average earnings, average family life, average, average, average everything. It will be a tale of a guy that has absolutely nothing to complain about, and it’ll talk about a nice upbringing and good times and good friends.

The stories will be funny at times and at times they will be frustrating. Some of the stories will bring a tear to your eye, and yet others will make you stop and think.

The book will go on for a while that way, telling good entertaining stories, keeping you mildly interested. Until…

…barefoot running entered this guys life. This guy was not average anymore. The barefoot running changed his life for the good, and possibly for the great! From the day this guy took up barefoot running, things started to go his way and he turned into a great man. At the end of this inspirational book, the guy was able to fulfill his purpose in life by helping everyone ,who ever felt average or mediocre,  aspire to their dreams and achieve greatness in their own lives, allowing them to help others as well! It will also tell the tale of the incredible love a miracle son brought to a good family.

Does that sound like a good book? I do, especially the ending.

I had a great run tonight. I did hills for the first time since my SOBFR(Start Of BareFoot Running). We met at the Glennfield parking lot again and ran up to Church hill (there is a church at the top of the hill). It was edumication time again.

(editorial update 19/08: note the edits I made below, for my typos. Sorry for all my typos always… at 11:30pm, just before bed, it all looks good, then I read it in the morning and cringe)

  • Class 1: Hills certainly get the calves firing again. My calves were starting to feel comfortable since the initial sorenessness in the first couple weeks, but now they have been woken up again! nice.
  • Class 2: Down hills (during hill training), Go slow, keep up the cadence, walk if necessary.
  • Class 3: Ninja training. We ran a different path back, than we doing did going. The path back was covered in leftover sanding chips from the winter (yeah). I started to get annoyed and agitated, and actually ran out on the road for a bit to escape them. This wasn’t the smartest idea I had today as there were cars zooming by and I was running out of shoulder. I decided it was time to get serious. I quickened my face pace, bent my knees more, relaxed my feet and just went for it. I turned our really good. I didn’t worry about where my foot was falling, I just concentrated on keeping my foot on the ground for the least amount of time possible. +1

ninja class

I love Barefoot school.

When I got home I had a tasty sandwich and then got settled in to do some blogging. I decided since my feet were fired up a bit to have a nice ice bath for the big clompers. Here is my blog/relax/ice station. (I use a cutting board as a laptop desk as the laptop get freaky hot after a long blog writing/ reading session.

CIMG0087 CIMG0088

Hey, Does anyone know when Jamoosh’s Hardcore Abs dealy is supposed to start? Anyone?

  • Barefoot mileage since June 29th : 116km
  • VFF mileage since July 7th : 25.8km
  • Shoe mileage since SOBF (start of barefoot): 5km (25:30 5k race PR on July 1st)

Publishing product makers , I’m writing a book!! Please sponsor me! Let’s see, I'll need a publisher, editor, copy writer etc. You know best what I need, let me know!


  1. Jamoosh's HCC started as soon as you can start, but most people did their first workout this week, I'm doing my second today.

    I love the book idea ... unfortunately I could predict that BF running would change the averageness.

    I think the ice is more terrible than barefoot running - you are amazing! :)

  2. Nice run. I have yet to talk myself into attempting to barefoot. Time will tell.

  3. How average of you to use a cutting board under your laptop!

    I think I may be a below average person looking up to you as a kind of superhero. Your adventures and telling of it is greatly appreciated by the lowly ones like me.

  4. Hard core abs starts as soon as you want it too!! But the official start was Monday for the 13 weeks.

    Wow, first time on the hills BF? Very cool, very cool indeed!

  5. Ninja training and hill training in the same workout! wow.

  6. I think that book will good down as a Canadian Literary Classic. Another solid post by the only guy in the world I know who runs barefoot.

  7. How does such an average guy end up with such great friends?