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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just ok…

… today on the run. Wasn’t really feeling it. Or should I say I was REALLY feeling it. Tired legs, bored going round and round in Rosebud, just feeling sluggish in general.

PLUS – you know how the best runs go, when they just go on plan, like everything is normal and just the way it always is? Well today my number 1 problem was I didn’t wait for number 2 before heading out. On lap 2 I asked a worker if I could use the construction porta-loo on my next time around and I almost never made it back there. I ended up doing a strange duck like walk the last 100m to to the john. I made it. Do you guys sweat BUCKETS too when you have to stop on the run and sit in a porta-potty? yeesh was it hot in there. Runners are gross.

So, by then I was 2.5k into my Vff run that was supposed to be 13k. Once I got moving again, it was still a struggle. You know how you can start to feel good on a run, just by pushing through the rough part at the beginning? well… that never happened. There was no groove waiting for me. I completed 8 laps for,wait for it, 8k, and decided to pack it in. I got about 100m toward the campground on the very smooth highway and I decided what I was feeling down about, was wearing the 5’s. I took them off. There was absolutely no traffic on the highway, so I ran right down the middle. I felt pretty beaten up by then (bad attitude by that time) but man did it feel nice to feel the ground again. To be clear I didn’t have any issues in the 5’s, they felt pretty good physiologically wise, I think it was just having to concentrate on my form so much in them, whereas it comes very naturally when I'm barefoot. I ran a pleasant extra 3k barefoot. So instead of my run dying on the side of the road at 8k, I was able to pull together an honest 11k jaunt all in all.

Best part of the run? I was walking back to the camper and this guy goes - “Man, I don’t know HOW you are walking on that gravel barefoot?”, My super amazing, on time and perfectly delivered response?

“Don’t worry sir, I’m a professional”

HAHA, I made myself laugh out loud!!!!

The other thing I am liking about this barefoot deal, is how healthy my feet are. My wife is considering taking it up since my feet are so unreal soft and good looking now. Is that normal? I always have people asking to see my feet and I am super happy to show them to anyone these days? And this from a registered podophobiac. –just took the pic. the ol’ footskis are a little shiny, but that's all! super soft and smooth! -


We checked out of the campground and headed over the the launch site.


The rocket event enjoyed a near perfect weather day today and I was able to shoot some fun video on my phone.

Open it in YouTube and increase the resolution for a better view.

  • Barefoot mileage since June 29th : 103km
  • VFF mileage since July 7th : 25.8km
  • Shoe mileage since SOBF (start of barefoot): 5km (25:30 5k race PR on July 1st)

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  1. I love the way you always have a post up in the morning. It's a great motivator for me.

    Your feet are getting that shiny leathery look I've heard tell about.

    Remember when I wrote on my blog about being worried that barefoot running was going to make my feet ugly, so I posted "before" pictures so I would remember when they looked nice?

    Well, after 10 weeks and 30 miles of barefoot running I can only say they are looking improved. That was a surprise. I'm definitely an advocate for foot fitness.

  2. congratulations on the run ... remember what Fernando Lamas said "It's better to look good than to feel good"

  3. as: I write them a something before midnight normally, so yeah, it's there in the morning.

    I too had no idea what it was going to do to my feet, I thought I would at least have some pretty good callouses. It's good this way tho!

    AO: Thanks. I can always fake a smile!

  4. Wow, I"m not going to lie - I did NOT expect your feet to look like that. Mine look WAY worse than that and I haven't ran barefoot ever. Are you sure that gravel weren't actually polishing stones?


  5. Adam: I KNOW!, right? whooda thunk it? Barefoot running to make your feet healthy, strong and dag gumit good looking? +1

  6. That is the best comeback! So going to use that the next time I am asked "how do you ....."

    Before kids and running, a poop reference would turn my stomach. Now I just sympathize and am glad you made it to the loo.

    People are always amazed at my feet too. They are not calused and weird. They are very healthy :)

  7. Okay, I'm gonna get all philosophical here...Light cannot exist without the presence of darkness. If all runs were good, how would we know?

  8. Wow I cannot believe how good your feet look! Mine are callloused and wierd...and I have heel crack after heel crack. And my arches ache thruout the day. My 6 different pairs of runners aren't seeming to be helping my feet cope with running....sighhh. More and more my shoes seem like mini torture chambers for my feet.... My husband because of shot knees can't run (but he still plays soccer in goal) wants a pair of wear to church

  9. Wow, I'm amazed by how great your feet look. All you barefoot people are really making me consider trying a run without shoes.

    Bad runs suck. Congrats for figuring out what the problem was. My rough runs happen a few days after a big effort (10k race, 13-mi run, etc). Like you said, I keep waiting to get in the groove, and it just never happens.