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Monday, August 23, 2010


Sometime between last Wednesday and today I have lost my mo. I feel like a big bag of poo. I am tired, listless and many other words describing tired and listless.

My list of really incredibly good reasons to be tired and listless

  • Summer is over
  • Summer never came
  • I like food more than running
  • I like sleep more than running
  • I have a TON of business related stresses to deal with
  • I am tired and listless
  • my shoes don’t fit
  • I lost my shoes
  • do I have shoes?
  • my feet are really happy and un abraded right now, do I really want to go back out there?
  • I missed my long run this week, there is no point now.
  • I am other words for tired and listless
  • I kinda feel like these guys look. Is there any point? really?


Does that fly with you guys? will you let me get away with this? How do you shake a ‘mind’ slump when you get in them? What other parts of your life affect your running the most? for the good and for the bad?



  1. I was in a pretty hard slump for some time. I was at an impass with weight loss and was always tired from the long runs I was doing. At that time I was up to 60 miles a week. After going through a big depression valley I decided to experiment with some changes I always wanted to try but was afraid that without putting in 60 miles a week I would balloon up and erase progress. Eventually I figured it was better to be a few pounds heavier and happy than wiped out 24/7. So I switched my running routines over to Crossfit Endurance and began the Paleo Diet, and BAM! I was out of the slump. Now I weigh less, am not tired all the time and my running times have actually improved! I'm not saying it would work for everyone but sometimes just shaking things up a bit can do the trick. I tried running with a pair of Nikes on a week or two ago and that quickly re-ignited the barefoot running love. Anyway, get pumped! The fall is a great time to run! My favorite, in fact.

  2. Read a good running book - Bernd Heinrich's Why We Run got me back into it after a three year layoff. Check it out.

  3. So something different! Go for a bike ride. Run in the rain. Go to Golden Corral and ask yourself if you want to give up running and look like all the people there. Okay that was unnecessary but it works for me. Good luck, we all have down days, weeks, the problem isn't having a bad day, week it's what you are now going to do about it.

  4. Point a rocket at a cop, when he goes for his gun - start running.

  5. In my opinion running should help and not hinder. Use it as a tool to escape. To burn off that stress from work or that extra helping of a meal.
    It takes the edge off and lets you just be for a while.
    In order to do that you have to let go of any expectations you might have put on yourself about running. It shouldn't be a source of stress and if it has become that its time to fall in love with it again.

    So what, you missed a long run. You made the schedule, you can change it or do whatever you want.
    you may just need a break for a while. You may need to change your perspective.
    That book Josh suggested sounds good. I think I will check it out too.

    I am coming to a crossroads. I am getting a bunch of work and I need to take advantage of it when it comes around. It is interfering with my marathon training. I am coming to the realization that its just a race and if I have to work instead then thats ok. I can run a marathon. Maybe it wont be an actual race but I know I can do it and thats what matters.

    I like having goals and they do help with motivation but sometimes goals need to change because life is not static. Go with the flow :)
    Move gently and lightly through life just like you would run.

    I wish you all the best and you will find your mojo again. Probably right when you stop looking for it. Kind of like lost keys, It will show up :)

  6. The main problem I find is whenever work gets busy, it trumps exercise. That is a habit I am trying to shake. I am a husband and father before I am a fitness guys. I am fitness guy before I am an employee. I will try to keep that as my motto. But it seems to always slip :-(

    Summer is far from over my friend. We have the most beautiful September's here, and each day of it should be enjoyed.

    Looking forward to our run.

    Word verification is fooker, lol

  7. Fall is better for running.
    If I run I can eat more food.
    If I run I will sleep better.
    Running will help me stay sane.
    I will have more energy after a good run.
    Get a new pair of shoes or go barefoot.
    There is always another week for long runs or just run shorter distances if that's how you feel.
    There is no point. Really. It is just living and not giving up on oneself.

    Now for my list of excuses... :)

    I hope you will get over these feelings. They come but they need help to go away and you are the only one who can brush them off.
    Good luck and don't give in.

  8. Nice comment, Ewa. I think the Sheehan quote from your blog is applicable:

    “There are those of us who are always about to live. We are waiting until things change, until there is more time, until we are less tired, until we get a promotion, until we settle down / until, until, until. It always seems as if there is some major event that must occur in our lives before we begin living.”

    --- George Sheehan

    Did this guy ever write anything that wasn't totally awesome? In fact, THERE'S a book you can't read at bedtime because it will make you want to go out for a run: Running And Being by Sheehan. Hell, I'm going to go read it again right now.