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Thursday, August 12, 2010

CheeCha Snax…

You heard of them? CheeCha Potato Puffs to be more specific.

They were in a race pack in my first race I ever ran, back in March of 2009. They were really good! Never thought much of them after that.

A few months later Traci and I were at the Calgary Marathon fitness expo, and we happened upon the CheeCha booth. Turns out it’s the family’s business of a guy I graduated with back in North Battleford a million years ago. His Sister and Mom run the joint and Tracey was working the booth. Heck the booth had to be the busiest in the expo, because, well, the stuff is TASTY!

I was thinking, what the heck is this potato chip maker doing at a fitness fair? It’s not your ordinary potato chip. NOT a potato chip at all! It’s an AIR PUFFED POTATO snack! We yakked it up for a while as hoards of people came through buying bags and bags of the treat. We figured we better get on our way, but not before Tracey loaded us up with a bunch of the different flavors to try.

CIMG7867Since then we have been a CheeCha family. have a look at this. A 2 cup snack, 90 cal, FOURTEEN g of carbs! nice.

They have 5 flavours that are gluten, dairy and nut free!

They are kind of a perfect snack for a runner (and are perfect for Kids too!), aren’t they? Tracey tells me you can order them in cases of 12. In US of Merca you can get them from Amazon! Yeah! as well as a few other places. In Kanada you can get them lots of places! 

My DW Traci has started her Gift Basket business, and had a meeting with Tracey at CheeCha today, so I thought I would show some love for the tasty snack!

Not too much else happening. The Meaty Urologist (say it out loud before you hurt yourself) has been very mean to us and has given us bad weather all summer long. Everyone is getting really sick of all the storms and general craptastic outlook. Winter is just around the corner up here and it’s going to be very high on the suck scale that it didn't even feel like we got a summer…

image CIMG0085

Oh well, we are still running. We got that.

running product makers , it’s only going to get better!! Please sponsor me! Hey CheeCha! /\ /\ /\ look up!


  1. ZOMG!1! I'm gonna steal that "Nutrition facts" graphic and use it myself in a blog post because you Kandians are so honest because when I was diagnosed (by my eye doctor) with Fat Eyes, what he actually said was that he saw "lipids" in my eyes and it was up to me to research that and realize only later that what he'd just called me was "Fatty-Fatty Fat Eyes" because "lipids" is just a polite way of saying "fat"!

    And at least your Potato Poofs acknowledge that!

    Thank You, Kanadia!

    Or, wait ... is "lipides" just French-Canadien for "fat"?

    Either way, Merci Kan-nuh-DUH!

  2. I spent 5 years in a gulag near lake superior so I understand your desire for warm weather.

    However, 52 and a light rain sounds like heaven to us runners down here.

    Unless that is Celsius.

  3. where can you get them in Kweebeck?

    they sound like filler for cheap pillows ... I love that kind'a crap ... have to order some.

    P.S. check out my feet at my blog and let me know if they look like prospective barefoot running weapons

  4. I would kill, well maybe just maim, for that weather right now.

  5. Heisenberg, congrats to your phillies last night!

    ac: gulag? (off to google for some lernin)

    Andrew O: I see you can get them at Shoppers Drug Mart as well as Metro Paramed. Also, you can order direct from the Website as you are Kanadian. Free shipping! I will check out your feet, even though, honestly and ironically, I HATE feet, they kind of gross me out, what with all that touching the ground and bathroom floors and all!

    Jamoosh: lets talk again from Sept 15 to May 1...

  6. 2 cups = 90 calories. Sign me up. Phillies? Did I see a baseball reference? Aren't you going to congratulate me on my 1st place Padres? Since I am now a follower, does that mean I have to root for the Blue Jays? I will. My price is just one case of those air chips.

  7. Chris, I am not a big Baseball fan, I just play one on blogtv. So... I'll cheer for the padres, I have no love for the bluejays, Most people in western Canada cheer for the twins or mariners! The chips are like, 23 bucks for 12 big bags! order them from Amazon!