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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mile 25.2 My decision…

…is to take all the  stuff down. Running Room was all over the blog today and to be honest I got all freaked out.


I just don’t want to deal with the man. Honestly, they are the ones who look the stupidest in this whole thing. I Know what my intentions were during the whole issue (sincere), but I have no desire to deal with the Retail Juggernaut again. As my header states, these are my opinions! and you can’t sue for your opinions. I shouldn’t be worried about this crap. I stated a while ago that I didn’t want to embarrass anyone, and I still don’t.

I published a new private blog, that has every word I wrote up until today, that is sitting there for anyone who wants to read it. by invite only though. There won’t be much more going in there, so if you read it already, it’s not going to be too interesting.

It is  at I called it “The other blog”. Email me and say “I want to see the other blog” and I will send you an invite. Many many people have read it so far on this blog(at least 10’s of people!), and they seemed to have liked the read, so by all means, let me know if you do to want to read it.

While writing it, it was entertaining for me for a while, I’d like to think I can move on in life and provide and entertaining blog on my failings as a runner, and various other failings, so I will continue to write about the stuff I screw-up, accidentally witness and/or cause.

For the newest ‘cool kids’ The Gist of the whole thing is:

I tried to provide an experience in a running clinic (as a pacer) at The Running Room Ltd., to match the amazing experience that I received as a new runner a few months earlier. They did not like my honest efforts, so they deemed the right course of action for their company to ask me to refrain from attending or shopping there, effectively banning me. I cried in my pudding for a few days, then said Eff it and moved on. I started my own running club and have had great fun since.

The thought that The Running Room was pouring over my blog made it not fun anymore. I got a gut pain and a headache, and so I made the decision to wipe any of the horsechecker details from my super fun and encouragement laden funblog (fblog, if you will)

Here is my final argument (as per Jamoosh)

Running Room, you have a company to run. Leave me alone to live my life outside of your sweaty bosom. You don’t need me and I don’t need you, please just go away. You kicked me out. If you want to lure runners back there, just do a better job. simple.

Also, all you have to do to for a chance to win an awesome running shirt is go here, go to the bottom and comment as requested! Contest ends July 30. AND! running product makers, Please sponsor me! forget is coffee shops, I’m taken!

What am I doing? geezwhiz. I am trying to build a readership, trying to lure sponsors and trying to run a club, that preaches fun and fitness, and here I am complaining and whining and just being a child. I am done with this stuff. I need to be more like the awesome run bloggers on the left don’t I? Do yourself a favour and go read the blogs I have listed and the blogs that follow this blog. If you are short of inspiration or motivation, once you get through those, you’ll want to run right now! Some of them will have you laughing out loud!



  1. probably not a bad decision. I guess Freedom of speech comes at a cost hey?

  2. Crazy! going back through your blog for your contest, and this caught my eye. have a feeling I don't know the whole story... yet. I run with the Country Hills RR, and so far it's been great, but I think that has more to do with the people than the store. We've had some great speakers, (usually with better running theories than what RR preaches). However, I don't buy much there, (overpriced) and I go to the clinic for the friends...