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Monday, July 26, 2010

Mile 24, Holy Shmoly!

that was the scariest storm I have ever seen. I am standing out on the deck and all of a sudden the wind whips up and the freakiest clouds come flying over the houses. The clouds are moving a hundred miles an hour North to South AND straight up! wow! I went in the house, told Traci and Andrew to get to the basement and ran up stairs to get the cat. I got everyone settled and then went back up to watch! I went out to the camper to get the big flashlight, back downstairs and was amazed at how hard the hail was hitting the basement windows (that are below grade). By the time I got upstairs, the wind had shifted 180 degrees and was BLOWING! wow.

The hail spared no plant. Poor Traci is so sad. Mostly because of the Ligularia that was a day or so away from blooming, is now in tatters, stems broken in half and the blooms stripped of any new flower buds. dang.



It was over in about 4 minutes, but thankfully the plants were the only loss. A few clicks east of here was reported funnel clouds and an even bigger storm.

I couldn’t get a good contrast on the video phone, but just notice how fast the clouds are flying by.

See how you can just barely see the house across the path. then when the hail lets up it is there.

CIMG0029 CIMG0031

NOT a ticker tape parade here… potpourri anyone?


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  1. Oh those poor flowers. Your poor wife. That really sucks, but at least that was the only damage. A guy I work with has a brand new truck, but thanks to those hail storms a few weeks ago needs $5000 worth of repairs....

  2. We are having a major downpour in my town right now. But my timing was great. Did 6 miles this morning, mowed the lawn, and then had just made it into Walmart when the rain begain. No hail like you had. Sorry about the flowers, man.