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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mile 15, a brief memoirs interlude for a police takedown…

So, last evening this guy pulls into the campground in this little lowrider pick-up truck, sets up camp, then walks around carrying a lacrosse stick and a golf ball. Unfortunately I mistook him for a friendly doofus and engaged him in conversation.

Me: You have a golf ball and a Lacrosse stick.

Him: Yeah, I lost my ball in the river, and I found this one. I also lost my other stick so I have to play with myself now. (his words)

Me: uh, you can buy those you know.

Him: Yeah, but the stores around here are all really small and lacrosse isn’t very popular around here except for the pro team, a few minor teams and a junior league.

Me: uh, yeah. Just in Calgary tho, there is a SportChek.

Him: Hey yeah, we have those where I come from.

Me: uh, yeah go there.

Him: I never go there. they are our competition.

Me: Uh, ok, have a nice night. *avert eyes*

Nan and Poppop were here for supper with us, and when I came back into the site, I told them I didn’t like this guy, that he creeped me out.

We watched him most of the evening. He would take his shirt off and sit in the truck for a while, then get out and walk around the campground some more just wandering and staring at stuff. He walked past our site at one point and Rizzo our pug FREAKED out at him. Rizzo normally could care less about people, but this guy, she hated!

Fastforward to noon today. Andrew and I are at the playground and the guy come tearing down the access road in his truck, and to a small parking lot near the campground. I wanted to go tell the guy to slow the hell down, but before I could even start in that direction the cops had come into the campground with 2 cruisers and blocked off his access out.


The guy pulls up right in front of the cars and just sits there. One of the cops starts to get out and all of a sudden the guy backs up and goes around the parking lot 4 or 5 times then parks in front of the cop cars again. He then jumps out of the car and hops the fence and goes into the campground office. I was worried for the workers, as this place is staffed by the nicest volunteers and they were now potentially hostages.

One of the cops goes up to the door and peeks inside, with one hand on his holster. That was the point I said “Let’s go Andrew”, scooped him up and headed back to the Trailer. I put Andrew in the Trailer, told Traci there is a Takedown happening and then grabbed my Camera.

Really, do you think I WOULDN’T want to take pictures of this?

Anyroad, I don’t know how the guy got out of the office, but here he comes with the coppers hot on his tail. He is hooting and hollering, yelling noooo nooooo noooo! you can’t get me!!!!!


I don’t see the actual tackle (or submission) but I get around the corner to see the guy face down, shirtless in the gravel, Ouch.


They get him all cuffed up and march him back to the cop cars and as he passes by us he is chanting, ‘hup 2-3-4, hup 2-3-4’.


Kinda made me laugh by then. Once they get him back to the cop cars he is back to resisting. They ask him nicely to get in the car, but he won’t, and stands fast.

All of a sudden he starts yelling  “OOOOOUUUCCCCCHHHHHHHH” “OOOOUUUUUUCCCCCCHHHHH” at the top of his lungs, so apparently the cop got the cue that this was the time to take care of business, and (I think) buckled his knees, as he sort of dropped and folded up into the car.


Once that was done, the cops started looking through his truck and his campsite, as the guy told them his Methadone was in there.


In talking with the cop afterwards, this guy spent the night in jail last night, then when he got out, he was recklessly driving all over the place so they followed him here. He is a Heroine addict from BC apparently.

And this is how nice the people who work here are. They refunded his next two nights and gave the money to the cops to give to the guy.

Oh yeah, always trust the instincts of a dog.

Update: The guy checked in to the campground as John Smith, and he jokingly asked the lady in the office “Have the cops been looking for me?” uh… haha? Our villain was wanted on assault and drug charges back in his home, so he truly was on the run. Also in the news: the Okotoks police were quite busy this day, as they shot a guy dead in the evening in this quite little bedroom community, ending a domestic dispute call.

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  1. Neil: This sounds like a script for a new show. CSI: Campground
    Nice storytelling and love that you took the time for the action pics. I guess he was a "runner" so it is fitting you detailed his story on your blog.

  2. Nice storytelling!
    Those people at the campground office sound lovely :)

  3. I Love telling true stories. I have no problem walking up to a cop or other people and saying "what happened?. They always like telling their stories!

  4. We need more people taking pictures of cops in action and posting them. WAAAY better than CNN.