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Friday, July 23, 2010

Mile 21, Barefoot Update and my last Shod Race…

… Man, I think I am forgetting something… whatever…

So the results came out for the High River Canada Day Run on July 1st.

HR results 

I finished 19th out of 125 runners, and was the fastest runner over 170lbs. No really. The people who finished ahead of me were all VERY skinny twerps. Also, the people with a letter next to them were running as teams, therefore they were not in the 5k per se and so I actually placed in the top 10. *WoOt* This race was the last time I have ran in regular shoes. It was my first 5k race, so now I have my benchmark in 5k 25:34, 10k 55:30, 15k 1:26:00, 21.1k 1:58:30. I hope to beat each of these running barefoot over the next couple of years.

I mentioned that I am 240lbs right now. In the High River race, I am serious when I say I was at least 70lbs heavier than the heaviest person that finished in front of me. how fast could I run at 190lbs? What is the calculation for that?

… there is something else I wanted to say… Jeez, what was it?

Tomorrow is my Boy’s 3rd Birthday. He is almost faster than me already. He is going to be very vey fast. right now he is 3’7” tall and weighs 32lbs. He need rocks in his pockets when its windy out, but when conditions are right, he is SUPER quick. His form is perfect. Hands low and relaxed, upright posture, and short, light quick steps. He also stretches like gumby.


What was it? man its right on the tip of my keyboard… ah well.

So I am going for a slow 9k on Sunday, my longest run to date for my fledgling barefoot career. I am excited because I had an amazing 5k pace run yesterday, and it was because I saw this video. I think this video kind of rocks. It does a very good job of explaining how and why barefoot is much better. AND it explains barefoot technique with some drills, that well… drill the idea of very tall posture into you! Nice work Terra Plana Vivo Shoe Company!

Learning the Skill of Barefoot Running from Terra Plana on Vimeo.

I am freaking out… I know I am forgetting something.

OH Yeah! … I cut my lawn today wearing my KSOs. I couldn’t bear the thought of my sneakers again.

That’s it. Seeya’ll later… And remember, running product makers, Please sponsor me!


  1. I have cut my lawn in vibrams as well. Not quite as cool as being barefoot, but infinitely much safer!

  2. The calculation I've read before is 2 seconds per mile faster for every lb of weight. I believe that is purely on weight only and not taking into consideration the extra training you could put in without all that weight.
    I'm in the same boat as you right now, I weigh 240lbs as well. I'm shooting for 190 - 200 coming from 280, hopefully before my half-marathon attempt in November.

  3. The whole "Running Room" thing was really inevitable.
    Enthusiasm and initiative don't mix well with giant soulless corporations. I know, I work for one.
    Getting kicked out is pretty cool. You started your own club and probably took a lot of runners away from their programs.
    Way to stick it to the man!

  4. Jamoosh: I'm thinking the Vibrams would just hold the pieces of my foot together for the ride to the hospital.

    Bama: Best of luck! I have a half on OCt 2. Hoping for 20 off by then.

    AC: It was probably inevitable. It is going to turn out good though as I am going to be the most sponsored recreational runner ever. Then I'll thank the Running Room.

  5. Bummer about running room. I think they've taken a shod step too far...