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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Training is REALLY hard!

If you have to do it by yourself. We had 15 regulars this morning and a new group showed up that had 10 more! It was not hard at all because our group was HUGE! We went West into Fish Creek Park. I know why we don’t do this route in the winter, it’s because the paths are snow and ice covered most of the time, but boy when spring hits, I am all over it! what a scenic run. Lots of Bridges to go over and under (foot, road and rail), lots of rolly trails and scenery out the ying yang! We did an out and back for a total of 11kms, some of our group did 4, others did 8 and we had 2 runners that did 18.

CIMG0073 CIMG0076 

Erin and Happy Dan, Tina, Kim and Caroline, and then Maria and Judy, go whizzing by!

 CIMG0068 CIMG0069 CIMG0071

Wow, Fast! Zzzzzp… there go Tracy and Liz! (doing 18 today)


My Dw is 2nd from the right, Cassie is on the right with Stephanie and her friend on the left, It was great to see you out again Steph! CIMG0072

CIMG0075 CIMG0087

Here’s Susan and her friend, looking as strong as ever after her 4k turnaround! Wow you have some fast 10k-ers in your group that we saw later! Nice!


Happy Dan, posing in the forest!


We ran for a while and as we came up on a little bend in the path, a group of birders were looking around. I was curious so I stopped and asked them what they had found. “What did you find?” I asked. Well, here is a list of what they had captured already and had in cages along the path…


hehe. Just kidding, no catch and release, they only trap what they need for food…LOL just kidding again! The list had 6 birds on it, the most impressive was a type of woodpecker. They were skulking around looking for a couple more woodpeckers they could hear, but they hadn’t seen them yet. This group was part of Nature Calgary,  and were very nice people. Thanks for the info, we saw them on the way back again, so it was a friendly hello. It’s always a better run when others on the paths are friendly.


We then saw the very rare Bagel Tree in full bloom. I thought it was a little early for these to have mature bagels ready for harvest, but what do I know? I’m just a runner.


I took my shoes off with 1.5k to go and had another enjoyable run. Barefoot really is an amazing teacher. My first 2 steps were just like my last 2 in the shoes, and those two steps rattled my teeth, so it was an instant adjustment from my heels to my forefoot. It wasn't long before my instep was getting a bit sore on my left foot, I figured it was because I was up on my toes too far, so I adjusted so I landed quite in the middle of my foot and shortened up my stride and the tugging in my instep went away instantly. Nice. We finished up 10 minutes later, had a good stretch and headed home!

Here is what the out and back 11k route looks like in Google Earth.March 28 Awsome run route


  1. Cheerios are Bagel seeds;)

    That looks like a great place to run!

  2. Haha... I'm going to plant one in my backyard! Yeah, this park is fully within the city limits, about 10 minutes walking from my house. Probably 40 miles of trails. We take it for granted, but NO more! I love running here!

  3. ... scenery out the ying yang!

    I HATE when scenery tries to come out my ying yang! "Get back in my ying yang!" I tell it. "Stupid ungrateful scenery! There's a lot of scenery that would KILL to be as lucky as you - what with the free lodging I offer in my ying yang - but you ... you just try to escape all the time!"

    It's not really about the ingratitude. It's more that once scenery has been in yer ying yang?

    Yeah, it's not so scenic anymore.

    You used Google EARTH? That's surprised me because .... Canada is on EARTH?

    Hahahahahaha! People say that about Joisey all the time, so FEEL MY PAIN, Kanada Boy!1!

  4. It's nice to look at photos and know EXACTLY where they are being taken.

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