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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I am having fun with Map my Run and Picasa… below is the map result for our speedwork next week.

My run tonight is a 30 minute tempo. 10 minutes of slowly increasing pace, 10 minutes of maintaining the hard pace and 10 minutes of slowing down. Should work out to about 5k. this is run steady with no walking breaks. Hopefully the wind goes down a bit.

For our speedwork next week, all the repeats start and end at a path intersection. should make it fun. I think we’ll keep this route for all our speedwork as it can be cut off and be close to the cars no matter how many repeats we do.

Sikome 400m repeats


  1. Is it going to be hard to see where you are going if you run backwards?

  2. GS: It's ok though, I'll have my water from the car.