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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It’s Wednesday…

… and do you know what that means kids? Yep.. that’s right! Speedwork!!! or hills or whatever technical run you have planned.

Wanna hear the good news? OK, I’ll tell you anyway… I got new shoes. They arrived in a package from the easter bunny! You see, I ordered them on Amazon USA (saved about $80.00), had them free shipped to my MIL’s in PA and then she shipped ‘em up here along with some very tasty Redstone Chocolate!

They are identical to my current pair except they are… wait for it… YELLOW! *wooOOt* I should be REALLY fast now! On top of that, I got new gym shoes too! they are worn out - blue and silver dirty and dingy, and look a lot like my old running shoes!


A’ight… I’m out… *Fzzzrzzz* <— *ed note: that’s the sound he makes when he apparates…*


  1. Wow, looks like your feet are getting bigger too! I hope your gym shoes still fit.

    What kind of speedwork are you doing?

  2. Hi GS, I am doing 6x400m tonight, and yes my feet are bigger, I am also taller and better looking! (they are both 12.5 2e's) camera angle gums it up...

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  4. [you do] not hold the writer of this blog ... responsible for your stupid and irresponsible behaviors ...

    I am not Mr. Heisenberg; I am just using his login. I am his solicitor, and by solicitor I do NOT mean that I'm the guy who goes out and finds him his many whoo-wers. I mean that I am his attorney.

    Which is a totally different kind of whoo-wer.

    In any case, after reading your blog, Mr G.Q. Heisenberg began engaging in all sorts of "stupid and irresponsible behaviors" - such as, e.g., reading your blog - and, long story short, he is now in traction with a non-whoo-wer-related injury (although there were some whoo-wers involved, tangentially).

    We are holding YOU and YOUR BLOG solely responsible for these injuries; it is, in our opinion, the causative agent.

    Prepared to be SERVED and, possibly, pwned as well.

    Good DAY to you, Sir!

    Eustace Dewey, Esq. of Dewey, Cheatum & Howe

  5. Nice to meet you Mr. Dewey! Have a nice day SIR!

  6. I had a pair exactly like the blue ones, and I LOVED them. They don't sell them any more, (boooo!) so I had to get the next model, and I don't like them as much.

    Man, GQH comes here to??? However did *I* get here?

  7. Hi Keith! I know what you mean... how does anyone get anywhere... really? As for the 1063's I think I just saw them on Amazon for 58 bucks... time to stock up I think. I heard the 1064's were far too mushy... Is that what you noticed?