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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


… for the advice…

Take it easy.  And slow.  And follow directions.  If you need a physio let me know.  Sometime chiros end up not fixing the problem…I learned that the hard way. T.B.

I had a small tear in my right knee once as well, I had to rest briefly and then got back into running slowly and still had some pain for a while, but it eventually healed itself and I haven't had any trouble since.  You'll still do fine at the race and with this plan you will still feel good when you cross the finish line! T.O.

I totally know where you are right now. I've had a torn right meniscus (from yoga) that required surgery. The sudden injury totally changed my world as I was no longer able to run, cycle, hike, scramble and share these activities with my friends. I was able to do Pilates and some yoga, which strengthened my core to the point of making a career change to teach full time. So, kudos to you for taking a step back and healing with perspective. C.B.

Do as you say, not as you do, eh? Rest up and get better! Cross training maybe? I'll let you know how the pool treats my IT band pain! C.D.

Really suks D.D.

When it comes to running and the associated aches and pains, beware of doctors and other "experts". Don't trust anybody. The "experts" have been wrong about so many things, like stretching and shoes. For example, most doctors believe that running does permanent damage to your knees and will result in arthritic joints in old age, yet the evidence is the opposite. A good rule of thumb: if the pain gets worse as you run, then it needs rest. Otherwise, probably not serious.
Keep at it, and never give up! A.C.

So, to summarize: Follow directions, Heals itself, Pilates, cross train, Don’t trust anyone, Really suks.

Ok, where to start. Obviously… I won’t trust anyone… probably the easiest option.

Thanks for suggestions, but I don’t trust you.

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