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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I must be some sort of freak…

… because I shed my shoes again. my BRAND new shoes… hehe. I did my 6x400m interval speed run, and because we had 2 of our runners doing 9 hills and were still at it when we finished, I decided to run their last 3 hills with them. I ran the first one shod, then I stashed the new NB’s in the bush, stripped off the socks and ran the last 2 -400m hill repeats au-natural…

It felt Awesome! I have never scaled hills with such ease and grace. It really felt good! Coming down was a bit tough on the soles, but I went slow and made sure I kept my feet moving, instead of  stomping into the downhill. The second hill felt just as good!

8.5k total

6k doing speed intervals –shodden

800m of hill repeat- shodden

1600m of hill repeat – barefoot.

all on smooth pavement with bits of sanding chips around. Temp –4c (24f)


  1. I must be some sort of freak…

    Specifically, the sort who runs hills barefoot. Which, technically, makes you more fetishist than freak, I think.

    But hey, it's all good.

  2. Were you unaware you were a freak before?

    Remember: knees bent, posture erect, fast feet, have fun. Those are the rules.

    Glaven: fetish has a sexual sound to it, and while running barefoot feels good, it doesn't feel that good.