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Monday, March 1, 2010

Officially on rest…

… so says my chiropractor…


I may have a micro tear in my right Meniscus, that is causing me some intermittent discomfort ranging from mild annoyance to near failure. The meniscus is the piece of goo that supports all the weight of all the running…


Also, my hip sockets may be tired.

suks also.

It adds up to the following in my mind. Don’t eat so much, to allow my body to lose weight (Really!?).. and take a bit of a break. Well, I tell others to look after themselves in this situation, so, I will do the same. I am going to stop running until March 8th when I will begin my 12 week plan for the Calgary half. I will NOT be attempting a PB at this race. My goals will be general health wellness, and an injury free race report on May 30th. I will focus my time in the gym toward good form and flexibility. I think I will be a much happier fellow on June 1st if I feel great and DON’T break my PB, as opposed to break a PB and never run again while waiting for surgery…

that's all…



  1. Do as you say, not as you do, eh? Rest up and get better! Cross training maybe? I'll let you know how the pool treats my IT band pain!

  2. When it comes to running and the associated aches and pains, beware of doctors and other "experts". Don't trust anybody.
    The "experts" have been wrong about so many things, like stretching and shoes.
    For example, most doctors believe that running does permanent damage to your knees and will result in arthritic joints in old age, yet the evidence is the opposite.
    A good rule of thumb: if the pain gets worse as you run, then it needs rest. Otherwise, probably not serious.
    Keep at it, and never give up!