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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Now in business…

The first run of the

South Calgary Runners

or WE ROCK…!   for short, (tee shirts in development… any slogans can be emailed to me for consideration)

took place last Wednesday, feel free to join the group Sunday morning at 8:30, starting from the Glenfield parking lot of Fish Creek park. This location is accessed from the bottom of Bannister Road east of Greengate Garden center. I am racing Saturday, so I won’t be there, but there is an easy run on Monday at 6:30 starting from the new Good Earth Cafe in Cranston (Access off Deerfoot, or if you come in from 22x just try to get as far south in Cranston as you can get, it’s in the same parking lot as the new Sobeys). Wednesday, we meet at the Sikome Lake parking lot accessed from either Bow Bottom Trail or Sun Valley Drive. email me at for more info!

This is a fun only group, a place to start with some friendly faces! Bring your plan and run it!


  1. This is great. For a look at what a fledgling running club looks like, here's mine:

    Good luck and have fun!


  2. Neil, you truly do rock! You're very inspiring. Thank you.