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Monday, January 11, 2010

woohoo, I am back!

I will be at the 9 hill, hills workout tomorrow night! Woot! I went to the gym this morning as a test and it was flying colors. I am pretty sure I will not push my hardest tomorrow, however, I will be completing all 9.

Now that graduation day is here (finishing hills) it sort of finishes your base building (strength is maxed, but you still have a little endurance to look after )portion of the program. Next week you will find out how fast you are. Be free, run like Phoebe!… er… no don’t. Maintain good form, just run fast. The best way I can describe the effort we will put forth in the next segment is: When you ran hills, the effort (while really hard) was to about 80% of your max HR. it’s true, while at the top of the hill you felt spent, you were spent because you used up your muscular capacity, not your lung capacity. Remember how quickly your lungs recovered on top, but how your legs felt like jello? Ok, the speed work is meant to max out your heart rate during the intervals, taxing your lungs to the limit. We will find out what it feels like to run faster than you have to date. There are workouts upcoming that will emulate the total effort of the race, in a much shorter time span.

I will write more about it as we get closer.

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