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Friday, January 8, 2010

Missing it…

Traci came back from her first clinic run last night all sweaty, sore, coughing, tired, achy, whooped, and out of sorts…

GAWD I MISS that!!

It’s only been a few days, but I am going stir crazy. Although, when I try to sleep (on the sofa, I've been relegated to the living room as I keep the rest of the family awake) and the mucus runs from my nose down the back of my throat and wakes me up suddenly in a fit of choking coughing, then I realize, it’s ok that I stay home for a bit. I took Corie’s advice and got the pro-biotic pills so I don’t have to eat the yucky yogurt much anymore, thanks. No signs of a yeast infection, although being home all the time I have a desire to bake… does that count?

It’s during the day, when I am heavily medicated with Vicks Custom Care Cough syrup, Neo-Citron daytime cough and sinus, Strepsyls cough drops and copious amounts of earl grey tea, is when I am feeling terrific and ready to run like a maniac! But, the semi-regular phlegm induced coughing fit keeps me from lacing up the ol’ NB-1063’s.

Congrats to my darling wife Traci for toughing out the first run with Susan’s 10k clinic, it will probably get harder before it gets easier, but it will get easier. Ask Dan.

Sunday’s 12k isn’t looking good for me, but hopefully I’ll still be sick for Tuesdays 9 hills.

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  1. No prob about the advice. I read somewhere that you'd have to eat GALLONS of yogurt to get the same amount of probiotics as you take in one of those little pills.

    Yay drugs!