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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Trials and Tribulations of Cross Training…

This is the first in a series of cross training stories from a few of my workout/ running friends and sometimes from yours truly.

The story below is a true one. The hero is a middle aged, mid-pack runner, who is trying to get to the next level of running. He has worked out for the past couple of years with a trainer and a group of 3 other trainee’s. He has moved to solo gym training and has also started an X-bike class at Phoenix Fitness with the very capable Diane (who is an ultra-marathoner extraordinaire)

So without further ado, here is Guest Blogger Drew’s super fun x-bike story.

Pro-Log: Last week on Wednesday Jan 6, I arrived at work as usual, by passed the elevator as part of my normal routine, and ascend the 4 flights of stairs to my office, upon my arrival, my co-worker gasps and asks me if I am ok, it takes like what seems forever for me to regain my breath…. And I reply “I think I am sick!” I left early that day from work and spent the next few days in bed, by the weekend I was starting to feel somewhat better.

main-X1000-frame Today I decided I was well enough to attend Spin class with Diane. Following is a brief description of a 12 minute section of that 45 minute class.

This 12 minute section is called “Tabada”  that’s right!!!! You read right!!

3 parts- sitting, standing, hovering- each part lasts 4 minutes…….

Intensity level- 9/10

Bike tension level-  adjusted to be able to keep up  intensity level in all positions-  cranked past the ½ way mark on handle

20 second full-out, 20 second complete stop.

Every time you stop you feel your quads pound!!!

Let me describe the hovering position, your butt is inches off the seat, your elbows are tucked in close to your body, and your pedaling like crazy (remember 9/10 intensity level)with as little body movement as possible. Oh and during the complete stop you have to hold position, and can’t lower tension to start back up again…….. I try so hard to keep my body as quite as possible, but the sweat pouring down my face is getting into my eyes and stinging like crazy!!

I use the bike I have always used, farthest away from the fan!!…….. I actually need one of those hand towels during class, and when I am done I can literally wring out the towel……

Word of the day: Perseverance


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