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Sunday, January 17, 2010

I don’t care…

…how fast or slow you go, 18k is a long run. AND, ibuprofen is my friend. My left achilles is tight, but other than that I’m pretty sore from the run today. Our mid group did good by staying together the entire way around and staying on course, but I guess that should be expected as it was my route plan! We had the slower group end up on a run to who knows where. and the fast group, well, we saw them at the start and that was it. they could still be running for all we know…hehe.

We (others) had a pee break at the rowing club building (Dasha had a code to get in to the washrooms, for some reason), and the group of us who waited (11 minutes..sheesh) had a conversation about having to go while on the run.

So, what would you do if you were 457 meters from the race finish, and you absolutely had to go pee? would you stop at the porta-potty? no. would you duck under a bush? no. would you just pee a little? probably… was the consensus. Well, no one ever said running was glamorous did they? The thought was, you could spray yourself with your remaining water to hide the fact that you just wet yourself to maintain a running time, that for most of us means diddly. Well, no one ever said runners were smart. The conversation (obviously) ventured into poop. Just like most conversations do… right? And that’s where everyone drew the line. We all said we would look for generally accepted relief depots for this problem. but would you if a personal best was on the line?… yeah. it was a little silent for the first couple minutes after that conversation, if you can imagine.

So after our extended stop at the loo, we just started running again and my watch beeped, “OK, walk break!”… yeesh… we’re never going to finish this run.

We did.

It was a pretty good run. We ran for 2:14, but were out there for 2:25 because of the mid run potty wait. So we are in fine form, and on schedule based on our training plan.

Nice day…

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