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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Week off to get better…

I hope all of you are having a nice week. I am not running as it turns out I have a wicked Sinus infection. Yuck. It has been with me for a while so they put me on a really strong antibiotic that causes and can cause all manner of weird things. Like, I can get a yeast infection. REALLY? I didn’t even know that boys could get that. To combat this possibility, I am to have some plain pro-biotic yogurt 2 hours after taking the pill. The last time I ate plain yogurt was in 1st grade and it made me yak all over my desk. I did have to go plowing last night, that kind of sucked as I had coughing fit after coughing fit, trying not to crash into things with the truck. (I have a hard enough time when I am well, yeah I crashed into this steel door a while back)


I hope to be better for Sundays 12k, if not I should be back for Tuesdays 9 hills. yuck… erm… I mean WOOT!

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  1. Nasty is right. Oh, and the sinus infection is bad, too! I hate that yogurt - try the pills. In the pharmacy. You can even get ones that don't have to be refrigerated.

    All this is to say, get better soon!