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Sunday, March 18, 2012

I’m a writer!

or so I read in Impact Magazine. I am once again humbled to be included in such a distinguished group of athletes.


I was again selected to test a shoe.(link goes straight to shoe review pages) This time it was for the very popular Running issue. Last time it was the Trail Running issue. This time I got to test the (then) not yet released Vibram Spyridon LS trail specific running shoe. Here is what I had to say about it. (in 140 words or less)


I wear this very comfortable shoe to the gym 3 days a week right now and whenever I run, they are on my feet. I have 7 other pairs of minimal shoes to choose from and they barely get a glance anymore. I use my VivoBarefoot Neo Trails whenever I’m running or hiking in deeper snow, but other than that, the rest of them stay in the closet.

Thanks again to the Team over at Impact Magazine, you guys and gals are the best. You can read the entire magazine online now, as well, if you are in Western Canada you can get it free at healthy store places.

Speaking of: Your Excuse is Invalid.

Read this and then go for a run. (seriously. read it.) Ron is a friend of mine and is one of the best people I know…


Speaking of running a mountain trail race.

In late August I am going to conquer the Moose Mountain 29k Trail Race. As I drove out to Elbow Falls with my 4.80 year old son today I was reminded that I am pretty crazy to be attempting this race. (someone correct me if this is not moose mountain. I think it is tho.)


As of this moment, I am looking at the race as a good 5 hour powerhike, but I am choosing to get myself in really good shape by then to be able to challenge the course properly. (and run it a little). Just a reminder; the turn around at the top of Moose Mountain is 3,000 feet higher than the start line. This pic is not mine. I’ll have my own pics this August. Apparently trees don’t grow at 8000’ above sea level.

I ran the 14.1kms of leg 4 at the K-100 relay last year in a slow 1:40 minutes, and it was about 900’ in elevation. On the highway. So, add 2,100’ in the same distance on varied terrain including swamps, creek fords and rocky singletrack and I am hoping a time factor of 2x the k-100 pace, minus a .5 factor for being in shape (which i was certianly NOT at the K-100 last year) which should bring me in in the 4-5 hour mark. I’ll know better with a few trial runs on the course this spring as well as by my leg at this years K-100.

Speaking of getting in shape.

I go to Pete Estabrooks TKO workout 3 times a week now. I have never experienced a more total and devastating effective workout in my life. It’s an hour+ of serious ass allover kicking that leaves me wasted and happy. There are no universal machines, fancy ab rollers, pully systems or TV’s. There are steps, heavy balls, punching bags, skipping ropes and a room full of mojo (including a real DJ on Wednesday evening classes)! 45-65 people show up each workout and Pete assigns each person an exercise and a person to follow. All you have to know is what you are doing and what the person in front of you is doing. There are no rest breaks and most of the stations are partnered so you are pretty much obligated to do the workout as you’ll let your partner down if you aren’t working correctly or keeping up. I’ll let this video speak for me. Pete is an evil genius btw.

Oh. You should come. If I can do it, you certainly can. First one is FREE!

Speaking of photography.

I still enjoy shooting pictures everywhere I go. Enjoy these shots from Andrew and my trip out to Elbow Falls today. Click-em to see them full size.



  1. Re: Moose Mountain, the summit of Moose is the highest point in your photo (just right of the ski jumping tower, directly above the flag), but the race turns around before the summit (the shoulder to the left of the summit, between the ski tower and the flag).

    It was great to meet Andrew and see you out at the St Patrick's Day 10K!

  2. Pics are awesome as always! Did you take the Spyridon's out on any really nasty trails? Some places I run are loaded with sharp rocks aiming to spear my forefoot.. I looked at these in Seattle when I was at the Born to Run store, but didn't have time to try them... they just look like a killer trail shoe.. I already begged Vibram to test a pair, but they said they were working with blogs with 10K hits per month... need to get my views up 10 fold... lol.