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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Do you know what your effect on others is?

It’s probably WAY greater than you think it is. Just think about it, of all the conversations you had with your friends or spouse about the people in your life, they are having conversations about you.

As a internet writer, I shall call myself a web logger, or blogger as I like to say (think it’ll catch on?), I am putting myself out into the world on a regular basis. There are things I have shared with the internet that I probably couldn’t have said in person to anyone. It’s weird. But usually once I put it out there, the good that comes back from it quickly erases any anxiety I had over the topic to begin with.

Today I got a really great call from a guy I hadn’t heard from in 20 years. In fact we weren’t really buddies back in school, but we knew other, and had mutual friends and were pretty much friendly whenever we were at the same places. I knew his sister a bit better.

I forgot to ask how he found my ‘blog’ (again, catchy hey?), but whatever way, it’s cool as he spent some time reading it and decided to call me. Turns out we have a lot in common and I am looking forward to having a lunch with him in the near future.

The other thing this blog gives me is direction. I can write about something that is puzzling me, or something I want to do, and just by writing it down, it seems to solidify the idea or provides a solution.

That’s pretty much all. Just never underestimate the effect you have on others, you are more important and influential to the people in your life than you can probably imagine.



This picture is unrelated to the topic of this web log. I just like it.



  1. I have a bunch of people that I KNOW were inspired to start running in large part my my obsessive Facebook run-logging. That's pretty cool. As is you getting to meet back up with someone you haven't seen in years. I love the Internet.

  2. It is so true and I am finding out about it more and more... a woman I don't know at all, sat beside me in a WW meeting a few weeks ago and told me that she has started a walking program cause she sees me and my husband 'running and walking all over town' and we look like we are enjoying ourselves. How cool is that?

    And now you have made a connection that might lead to a great friendship, or at the very least, a good lunch. So KEWL!

  3. I don't think I'm all that inspiring personally. I even go through bouts of not writing because I think why bother, no one cares what I have to say. :)