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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Salmon and Rice makes Everything Nice!

I asked the internet “What should I eat before my big 30k run tomorrow? It replied, Salmon and Rice.

So, like good boy, I had Salmon and Rice. It worked. So well, I ran 32k instead of 30! 3:49. This after not running for 3 weeks (not one step) up until this week where on Tuesday I ran 4 terrible K, Wednesday I ran 8 good hill K’s, Saturday it was a fantastic 10k and then today I blew away a 32k. (my longest ever).

It was below freezing for the first 1/2 of the run, but I took off my 5’s after 10k and went barefooted for the remaining 22k.

pic 1pic 2

It was good. no issues to speak of, just normal sore now. I find that the longer I run, the easier my ice baths get. I spent 25 blissful minutes in the tub, and felt good as soon as I got out. ( I did have to stop and work a cramp out of my Hamstring for a minute at the 29k mark)

I ran a steady 7 min/km pace from start to finish and employed a slightly modified 10 and 1, run walk strategy. All I know right now at this moment, is that I have all the confidence in my ability to complete the Marathon on May 1st, and also to do really well at the Half marathon this upcoming weekend.

I am beaming at my personal accomplishments this week. Lots of things are WAY better then they were a week ago… Thank you to the internet and to my real life family and friends.

After the run, we went out on a Family outing. I took the camera, something I haven’t done in a long time. Maybe good stuff all goes hand in hand. Andrew is studying ponds and birds in his pre-school, so we headed out to Frank Lake.


And we got to see and do stuff like this.



  1. Fanfreakingtastic Neil!! So happy for you :)
    Great pics once again...except, who's car got saran wrapped?! That is crazy stuff!

  2. Congrats Neil. Happy days are here to stay, I am sure.
    Love the pics, as usual and Andrew is getting cuter every time you post his photos. Really.

  3. Beautiful pictures, Neil!

    While I'm jealous that your 20 miler went so much better than mine did, I'm really glad that things are looking better for you.

  4. Way to go on the run! You're a stud! Love the 2nd picture posted. Gorgeous photography!

  5. Awesome run! Your pictures are so beautiful. I do have to ask: why is that car saran-wrapped?

  6. We don't know. We guessed that it was a newly married couple as there were a bunch of cars around the community hall at this small town...

  7. Nice work. It's easy to fall off the horse or let life swallow you up but the trick is to keep coming back. Loving the family time...good stuff.

  8. nice run!!! and fantabulous pictures!!!

  9. Nice car!! I'll have to remember that!

    And great run. Still wearing shoes here though =)

  10. Beautiful pictures! And congrats on the long run with no pain :)

  11. salmon and rice ---- sorry sound like straight a$s.

    Now the last photo - freaking love that.

  12. Umm why has that car been shrink wrapped?