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Friday, April 8, 2011

Just so you know…

I am a very happy guy, who generally doesn’t rock the boat. I may try to help row the boat… sometimes with a little more vigour then is appreciated…

There are so many new followers to this blog since I wrote about this the first time, I figured I’d better include some of my response to the letter…

I wrote them back. Just like the issue at Goodlife, I never received any sort of response… here is what I wrote in this blog (since scrubbed) on July 23rd, during the full telling of the banning story…

I was mortified. I was sick, I was upset, I was incredibly disappointed and embarrassingly emotional.

I took some time to absorb this, then wrote this letter back.

Thank you for your letter.

In regards to the contravention of the personal information protection and electronic documents act,

I am able to single out the email addresses in questions as well as the person who gave me these emails with their request that they be included in my emails. I will prepare a statement of fact to this regard. Once I had been approached by management about this email issue, I complied with all their requests. I complied with their most recent requests as well when asked if I would clear up the email that I was running every Sunday with a group of new runners. Additionally, I was told that I was reflecting negatively on the Store and the Program, and I simply asked for specifics so I may adjust my course of actions.

I will be researching this matter fully to ensure that my personal rights have not been violated in any way. I will also be requesting my legal rights with regards to the incident where I was physically assaulted by one of your employees.

I understand that you are genuinely concerned for the safety of the staff and participants at the store location as am I. I have had wonderful experiences with the Programs run by your company and appreciate the quality of your products.

I am very disappointed in the response to my genuine concerns here in Calgary, and had hoped to open a dialogue with your company to help better serve both our concerns. My utter shock in the way I was treated by your staff may have been mistaken as antagonism, but never was there any hostility. Sundays incident was witnessed by many run club participants and I am sure some will attest to the demeanour of myself in this unfortunate situation.

I do not consider this matter closed, and I am available for a discussion at a mutually convenient time.

Neil Z

They considered it closed, I never heard from them again.

So there you have it. Does that change your opinion of me since yesterday? Or do you wonder a little about me? Anyone local who knows me want to chime in on the character of me? I just want to set your expectations before I decide to re-post the whole sordid affair. I think the story should be posted somewhere, just not sure it should be here again… Any thoughts? I know a couple of you think I may be beating that same dead horse. I think the story is entertaining and is enough of my history that it should/could/does define me in quite a few ways…

Just as a teaser, here is excerpt from a part of the story I wrote…



  1. . I bet there is a picture of you in all the stores. You should read about Willow Ryan, who has a very similar story of leaving one runner group and starting her own.

  2. I'm terribly nosey and very interested to hear the story.

    Mostly, I want to hear it because I think it is the thing I fear when I go to running stores or think about going to clinics or clubs.

  3. You shouldn’t fear stores or clubs. This relates only to my local running room (Although the Corporate office sent me the letter). I am a HUGE fan of the other clubs and stores in town... Love-em! I have met the finest people at running clinics.

  4. Neil, the excerpt from your reply letter has legal undertones and it's not really a surprise that you didn't get a response.

    I'm not judging right and wrong here without the facts - I'm really not and you'd never agree anyway - but the timbre of your letter (statement of fact, legal rights, assault by employee) left the RR with two choices: ignore you and hope you get over it, or pass the letter onto lawyers.

    I think it was best for all involved that they took the former tack. Whether you are right or wrong, you write a better blog than you do a letter ;0)

  5. Yeah, that's probably true, but they threatened me first. Neiner neiner...

  6. Whoa! I don't remember this little ditty (if you have posted it before).

    I don't care what the situation was around it, there is little reason to do something like that. How small was that guys ego that he thought you were hording in on his turf?

  7. Timbre.

    Like timber, except not.

  8. I find myself very curious about this. Your blog, the stories you tell, the pictures you post, videos and stories of your family all seem to paint a rosy picture of an agreeable guy. But yet there is this letter, and the situation with fitness club where you were banned cuz of barefoot running on treadmill which both seem rather confrontational, which seems out of character for you.

    I'd like to hear more, just for pure curiosity.

  9. Those are the only 2 'situations'. I promise. The rest is above average to good.

  10. Neil

    These two confrontational events are completely ok in my books. You handled yourself very appropriately under the circumstances. I could very easily see myself in the same position on a daily basis and just hope I would handle conflict as well as you.