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Monday, February 7, 2011

What the H*ll are they trying to pull…

Walmart. Gaaa! Do you think anyone falls for this? I bet LOTS of people do… (they are exactly the same product, I double checked)

good deal 1

The boy is 3.6 years old and is already using these…


Sorry, no time for much else. Got called out this morning at 2am, got home at 2:30pm, and am back out in an hour at 7:30pm for another full night…

Before and after of a small lot we plow…
plow beforeplow after

Hey! since I’m working so hard out there, keeping all the Calgarian office workers pant cuffs dry, feel free to follow me over there on the left. I promise more posts as riveting as this one!

OR this one.
Or this one.
or this one.

And Zoe, I’ll settle up the bet in the next couple days….


  1. 2 points:
    1. The added cost is for that piece of red plastic - don't knock it buddy - it has many uses.
    2. Your son is finally using his hands - awesome! Ours ate with his feet until he was 4!

  2. You bet lots of people fall of that. Damn Walmart. Some don't pay attention, others can't or are too lazy to do the math.

    You should've broke open one of the packs and set it on the individual rack.

  3. I like the 3.6 yrs old or is that a typo?
    anyway...Walmart if yours is like mine then they know their average customer...

  4. I hate Walmart...would rather get smacked with a 2X4 than even go in the door!!!!

  5. You missed a spot. :)
    Love Andrew's pictures and updated. More, please.

  6. I follow you! I really do! I don't know how I could follow you more. I follow you here, I follow you over there, and I follow you on FB. Any other way to follow you I don't know about?

  7. Maybe Old Spice thinks they can fool the Canadians. But no, you guys are too smart. That trick don't fly in Calgary.

  8. i saw the twin pack deodorants at walmart a couple days ago and thought the exact same thing! I was like "what in the world are they trying to pull?" I seriously saw someone walk away with a twin pack instead of buying 2 of the singles... maybe i shoulda said something... but instead i laughed

  9. I've also noticed that when the 2-pack is lower in price the units of product will be different ... so overall cost/oz is higher.


  10. Wal-Mart is doing what every other retailer in the world does, it's not just them...Hint, keep an eye on tool prices before Fathers Day; most times you will find many items cheaper before it goes in the Fathers Day "sale" Flyer. If you’re going to have a loss leader you need to make the cash up someplace else...

  11. Target is even more notorious for this crazy twin-pack pricing. Consumerist is busting them all the time for it. Definitely gotta do the math while you're shopping—on both the price and product size.

  12. And to think Wal-Mart could pull one over on the Canadians!

    Love your son and the chopsticks, he's a natural!

  13. tHEY DON'Y PULL THAT DOWN SOUTH. They already know will shootem :-) kids + chopsticks= hillarious.