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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just the facts Vol.1 episode 3

My Contest :

CSN, $65.00 Smackaroos!!

My Request:

This may sound a little arrogant, but please leave me a comment or email me at nzeller (at) shaw dot ca, to request your blog be posted over there on the left. I would like to feature blogs that actually read mine too! Make sense? Mutual appreciation. I have cleared out many of them, except the ones that I know read here on a regular basis, or ones that I really like to read on a regular basis… Thanks! (if you are a regular reader and I deleted you, it was by accident, just let me know and I’ll put you back up)

Was a really silly week.


  • A tough 16k yesterday on the mill. Feeling really tired from a long weekend of snowplowing, but was able to push it out a day late.
  • Made a nice chunk of change via the 3 loooong night of plowing. Always good $ when it snows.
  • Had a SUPER fun time being interviewed for the National News on Thursday. Link to Video here.
  • I was interviewed again today for something different, doing a photoshoot on Thursday. That’s all I’m telling you.
  • My teddy bear toss Video was featured on the Morning News show called ‘Tokudane’ on Fuji TV in Japan this morning!
  • image


  • crashed into a car on Saturday night while plowing.
  • DSCF3081
  • The boy ended up with a really bad case of the Croup. It was the bad one that gets into his eyes. It really sucked. for 3 mornings in a row it took us 15 minutes of soaking his eyes to get them to open, they were so stuck with eye goop… gaaaa. We were back at the Childrens Hospital at 3am Thursday morning.  He is totally healthy again! Yay!
  • I am still a bit sick.
  • Ran a total suck run on Wed, only completing 6.5 of 11k.

Interesting stuff:

  • My good Mercan buddy Chris from BQorDIE is running his next BQ attempt this weekend. Good Skill Chris, Good Skill!
  • My other good Mercan buddy Tricia from Endurance isn’t only Physical and her Husband were voted one of the top 10 fit couples in Austin TX! Congrats. Not that long ago Tricia was a very big girl! way to get fit!
  • My other good Mercan buddy Adam from the Boring Runner was voted the second best Endurance blog in 2010. He’s not that boring.

Just the Facts Feature Blogger of the Week is:

***Shawn from Chasing Immortality , 1 Mile at a Time***

He is a man on a quest. Happily married to "The Boss", proud father to sons "A" and "B". X-Smoker, Former XXL, XL, and future Immortal. (His words)

I like Shawn a LOT, and not just because he is a fellow Kanadian. (even though he has ‘Mile’ in his blog title, instead of Kilometer). I just like the guy because he is real and he leaves really thoughtful comments. Thanks for being a cool dude Shawn! Go Follow him! Now!

AND – 88 days until my first marathon! Even with the creep of doubt from this, I am getting ready, and am looking forward to my really long runs that are upcoming! Thanks to all your support on that last post! It means a lot to me! I have a cool post in the works regarding all that!


  1. Yay! I didn't get booted off the list... helps that I kind of stalk your blog... :p

    Please kindly stop doing countdowns to race day. Even though my watch tells me the same thing I like to live in a bit of a dream world so that I don't get too nervous about it. It worked last time around - except for the part where I absolutely lost it on Colin the night before when I couldn't pin my number on straight...

  2. your video getting featured at a japan show...coolness!

    sorry to hear about your crash and hope you feel better soon =)

  3. Snowplowing sounds like it probably pays better than our driveway-shoveling gig, but I bet the hours are no fun. And with the 2 inches of sleet sandwiched between ice and snow, the only driveway I'm shoveling this time is mine. Stinks about the car, though.

    I say believe in yourself and your training.

    And, my goodness, you're allllllllll over in the media. Very cool!

  4. Oh, and I'm a regular reader and commenter...feel free to add my blog over there. :)

  5. i am a regular reader...i don't get to comment very often, but i really enjoy your blog! so glad your son is home! croup sucks! and you need to get better soon too!!!

  6. are such a media superstar! Not good about croup, my little sister used to get that and it's glad he's doing better now.
    Hope you feel completely better soon too and yay for marathon training!

    Glad I made the list :)

  7. You have got to get one of those "I'm huge in Japan shirts"!

    click here.

  8. Thanx for the shout out Neil. Ride the highs and duck the lows....happy shovelling!

  9. Well, I'd like to be on your list!

    You have definitely had ups and downs of late, but sounds like more on the up, so good on ya.

  10. You know I'm a regular. You have been a busy guy. When it rains it pours I guess. Can't wait to hear your "reply" post about you know what.

  11. I'd be totally stoked if you posted a link to my blog over there.. I read you but I'll never run barefoot, can we still be friends??

  12. PS I'll try to comment more as well so you know I'm here.. I always figure I don't have anything interesting to say.. but I'll bore you!! ;-) I get what you are saying though, I have a whack of blogs listed but not many comment on mine.

  13. would like to be on your list too.

  14. I'm a reader, if you want to add my blog that would be awesome

  15. I to am a reader of your blog. When it comes to running in my VFF'S. I tend to focus on one thing and forget the rest of the stuff I need to work on. When I read your blog it reminds me that I forgot I need to keep a bend in my knee. Take it slow. Back off when I feel some discomfort in my feet. Thanks Neil for all the info you provide.

  16. Thanks for the well wishes Neil and the shout-out. Shawn is great, I live that his Blog has big fonts for old guys like me. I do question his choice of NFL teams though. The Raiders? Ugggghhh, I didn't know Shawn was a Gangsta.

  17. Wow, that's sweet - congratulations!

    I seem to already see myself in the left side...

  18. I'd love to be added to your blog list. I'm a regular reader and I'm missing from the col list :(

    Sorry about your car and being sick. Get better soon!!!

  19. Glad I made the blog list. I promise I read, I'm just ungodly behind. On EVERYTHING.

    Thanks for the shout out! It is so cool that the show wants to use your video. Hopefully it isn't a Tosh.0 type show where they make fun of the vids. :)

    There was a story on NPR (national public radio for us staties) about how plow people make serious cash when it snows. Glad that you are part of that!

  20. Sorry for the delay, you have a lot of videos which I can only view from a certain computer, but congrats on your interview, that is awesome, as is getting your video on air!

    Sorry about your car!!! I'd like to be on the blog list.