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Monday, September 13, 2010

First Annual 10-10 Virtual Race!


Update!! All reports are in! If you didn’t email me, I went and found you! You all did amazing!!!!!

  • Jamoosh
  • Andrew Opala
  • DarkHorse3010 and then he did another 1omiler!!
  • Mark U. completed WELL over 100 miles!!!
  • Shelley Didn’t die. I think she wanted to at one point, but she didn’t. This is a pretty incredible race story!
  • Paul!! First Barefoot report! a 10 Miler in Calgary!! 
  • Canadian Runner changed the rules. ok. 18k is allowed.
  • Chris K says I owe him an Ipad for his 1k effort, what do you think?
  • WalkslikeFox had a great VR! Even some barefoot!
  • Diana finished hers! 1/2 in the dark too!
  • Emily (EMZ) finished her 1oomile race… wow! This included a 50mile ultra!
  • Kelly finished, and then added another 1ok
  • Kate did her mile! and it was a mile of HILLLS!
  • Tammy C is Done!
  • Susan W is Done Too!
  • Mariea is Done TOO!
  • Adrienne is done! She changed the non rules, but ran a bunch, so Good on’er!
  • Kovas kicked Chris’s Arse!!! in that 1k deal they had…
  • Happy Dan did 5 1ks.
  • Tammy S did her 10k+10k+1k+.1k!
  • Staci completed a 100k and 2 1ks!
  • Zoe!!! Zoe ran her 1mile. 36 WEEKS Preggers!!! wow…
  • Adam N finished his! AND he rode his bike down into the park to say Happy B-day today!!
  • OrangeBlossom completed 10miles of her half marathon for lil ol me…
  • My Mom finished her 10miles after thanksgiving dinner!!!
  • See, you can sign up yesterday and complete today. Candice did!
  • Gene finished his too! On the Appalachian trail.
  • Anne tested her foot and completed her VR! great!
  • BarefootLorena in Mexico completed her 1ok today by running a 5k race!
  • Lorne completed less than he planned, but thats ok!
  • ShebaJC did 2 10k’s 1 1k and a .1k! Nice job!
  • Joanne Finished hers!!
  • Alanna had a marathon to finish her race
  • I know Silly Girl Running ran her 10k, injured no less
  • Zaneta did a super job on hers!
  • Barefoot Angie Bee ran in Grand Rapids!
  • C2Iowa ran 10k
  • Heather had a great day! she saw a deer with a car seat in its antlers.
  • One Crazy Penguin ran a Half marathon!
  • Jill took care of business too!!
  • Darlene Ran hers!
  • RJ got in under the wire!
  • Barefoot Fresca ran hers at the NYC barefoot run… Stilll SOOOOO jealous.
  • Glaven Q. (warning as always, PG27 language) Video from his report. Seriously, if you don’t like cursing and stuff, don’t read. Video is ok! no cursing there.


You are still MORE than welcome to play, up to and including Oct 10!! Sign up below!!!

OK. so I figured out what I can do to make my 10.10.10 birthday extra special this year. You ready for this? I am. You are officially invited to race in the:

First annual *10-10* Virtual Race!

1010 VR

This years version is extra special as it falls on my birthday which happens to be on the awesome date of 10.10.10. This page is the official race page, and it is linked over on the left side for easy access when you want to check it out as the race goes on.

Ok the rules.

  • You must sign up in the comments below, just a quick “I’m in”, so I can list you in the participants section of this page. If you have a blog then make sure it is shown or linked in your comment name so I can give you proper credit on your race report.
  • Between now and including Oct 10th, 2010 (10.10.10.), run any of the following distance
    • 10 km
    • 10 miles
    • 1.0 km
    • 1.0 miles
    • 100 km
    • 100 miles
  • This run can be part of a race, or a training run, or a combination of a few runs, as long as the distance equals the distance you sign up for.
  • You cannot change your distance unless you want to. And changes can only be made up to 12 times, and only up to Oct 10th.
  • You MUST post a race report in comments (for those without blogs) on this page or provide a link in comments on this page to your race report on your blog.
  • Funny or witty or snarky or tear jerking reports will garner you all kinds of extra mojo or zen (whichever you need at the moment), so you can sleep better at night. It’s the least I can do for you!

I will provide real time updates in my ongoing blog and cross-blog smack-talk is highly encouraged.

I have started to beg for prizes from my local supporters and I will continue to solicit my body shops and stores for additional prizes so this race is a big deal. For a teaser, my Fav coffee establishment The Good Earth Coffeehouse here in my neighbourhood is putting together a nice shippable package of coffee and coffee swag. The Cool Kids Run Club is also putting up a couple of their famous Tech Shirts as prizes as well. And if you read this CheeCha Snax, I am calling you tomorrow for a package of prize swag too! If you kind readers and commenter's and especially you blog giveaway vendors want to be a part of the awesomeness, feel free to contribute to nzeller at shaw dot ca.

Pass the word on this to your network of Cool Kids,  friends and followers!

Prizing is as follows:

My son will pick entered names out of a hat in a really cute and aw shucks inspiring way. This will be video taped and posted on this blog on Oct 11th after I wake up from my turkey induced coma. (It’s Canadian thanksgiving that weekend, yum). The boy will pick names out of the hat until there are no more prizes or no more names. If the latter is the case, all names will go back into the hat and we will start over. This actually happened at our Real Life race in June.

This is the official Race Tag, that you can display on your blog sidebar, that will link your readers back to this page. After the race you can take it down and wait with baited breath until the 2011 edition is available for display!

1010 VR

Thanks alot for playing along, this should be fun!

(update Sept 18) Hey, if you are here reading this, you might as well sign up! No experience necessary, just get out and complete a single Km! your pace, whatever! Get on it!

*10-10* Participants so far. Make sure you put the tag in a post or on your sidebar. Just right click and copy or save, and then plop it into your blog.!

Prize list (so far). All items are shippable anywhere in US or Canada!

  • Cool Kids Run Club tech shirt


  • Cool Kids Run Club tech shirt


  • Good Earth Coffeehouse Coffee and Coffee Swag pak
  • CheeCha Snax, Snack and Swag pak



                 Suntech Optics / Bugaboos Eyewear

  • Awesome vest for the ladies. Size small, technical golf vest.

               IMG_6903 IMG_6906

  • Bondi Band!! I love these things!! Dudes, Chicks, kids, pets, and assorted other uses! These work really well!


  • Thomas sent me an email, letting me know he is donating the following prizes! Thanks a million! Make sure to go over to his blog and have a look around. He has some of the most interesting scientific running information, plus a good number of ultra run posts to enjoy. He also has a regular supply of giveaways! Go Follow Him!

                    Here is what he is so kindly donating.

    • Brooks "Run Happy" goodie bag + water bottle + T-shirt


    • Amphiphod handheld water bottle


    • CR hat
  • RoadID is donating a $21.50 e-giftcard! Sweet! This is the perfect amount for a wrist or Ankle ID including shipping!



  • SPIBELT! Dual pocket sport belt with Race Bib toggles. Have you seen these belts? very cool!


  • a Pair of Yurbuds !!! From what I hear, there is nothing like these for secure, comfortable earphones on the run!


  • And a couple more!


  1. Ah yes!! What a great way to celebrate your awesome bday! I'm in! Since I'm slowing down on the running front until the baby is born, count me in for 1 mile.

  2. I'm doing a 10k on 10/2 anyway, and even though I don't care for all your constricting rules - which are SMOTHERING me - I guess I'm in.

    I will make my race report as obscenely insulting to Kanadians as I can. Which should be easy because the 10k I'm running?

    The proceeds go toward paying for a northern border fence to keep all the you illegal snowbacks out.

    You're welcome.

  3. ok I'm in ... doing the 10k ... mind you I didn't read much after I saw 10k so there may be other rules like you need to grease yourself with bacon fat and wink at runners ... I guess I'm still in, in that case as that's what I normally do

  4. OMGosh I love this.

    I'm in for 100.

  5. Tempting... I'm in for 100k.
    Is there a penalty for not meeting your set goal? Like having to finish the remaining distance wearing a pink tutu, or maybe in the buff?

  6. I'm in for the 100 mile race. That's right, I said it.

  7. I should put my link in

  8. Andrew I'll see your 10K and raise you 90K
    EMZ I'll fold on your 100 miles

    Adam-I'll call on the 100k --I guess I'll try this one (combining runs)

    How many miles is 100K anyway--oh well, I'll figure that out later.

  9. Count me in for the 10 mile - I'm running my first marathon that day in Victoria.

    Thanks, Neil, for the heads-up... you're linked to today's post now too.

    Alanna @

  10. Amended distance since I can't read (you obviously attract the geniuses of the bloggy world) - I might have enough runs in the next few weeks to hit 100 miles, if not probably 100km. I'll let you know.

  11. Hi there, I'm doing 10k this sunday x 2 :)

  12. Oh Man, if I tell you that I'm not going to do it, do I at least get points for honesty? I do my long runs on Saturdays and rest on Sunday, before a Monday tempo run. So, I suck. Your Grinch blogging friend.

  13. Thanks for saying I'm smart Neil (or was that "smart"?). We're obviously at the same intellectual level - you spelled my name wrong. :p

  14. I am IN. ALL in. 100 MILES. that's right. i said it. One Hundred Miles.

  15. I'm in for a 10k and a 10 miles but I don't think I can get 100k in with a taper week before my half on the 2nd and a recovery week after.

  16. ok ok...I've had this blog post up on my comp since you wrote it debating whether or not to do it... COUNT ME IN!! Cuz I can run again! tehe... um... 10k! my blog url is

  17. WOW! Some great stuff and stories on the website. I am in for 10k or multiples thereof in your virtual race. One question? On Oct.2 do you think your feet will be warmer? Just wondering...Susan

  18. I'm in. I need to train more for my Halloween half-mary, so I'll be doing the 1K, also I want to beat Chris K; he's been injured so I have a good chance! And I believe EMZ meant yards.

  19. I'm in ( ) for a 10 k. I'm doing a 5k on Oct and another 5k on Oct 9.

  20. Great idea! Sign me up for the 100 mile contest. My sidebar with your banner is at, and my on-line running diary is at

  21. I am in. I will run 10 miles between now and including October 10.

  22. I'm in for 10 miles (part of my half marathon - Oct. 9) May I wear shoes?

    Happy Birthday!

  23. I am in - maybe.

    OK, I am in.

  24. 1 mile.

    Probably more.

    But definintely one mile.

  25. I'm in for 10 miles - doing a Buffalo Stampede race on 10/2. If I'm not dead, I'll post later with my time. If I DO die, give my prize to that bossy chick, Kate. ;)

  26. Hi Neil, figured out how to comment...I'll run the 100 mile distance three times and the 10 mile distance 5 times for a total of 350 miles. Am I allowed to do that?

    Joanne (owner of shaggy black dog)

  27. I do not want to run for prizes, so please don't enter me in that part, but I want to run to be a part of things. I am going to the first annual New York City Barefoot Run on October 10. I plan to try to run two loops of the island, which would be about 4.2 miles. So, I guess that means 1 mile of it will be for the 10-10 virtual race.

  28. Excellent Idea. I'm in for 100km made up as a combination of trail runs and short and long training runs.

  29. okay how do I get that sweet 10*10 thing on my blog?

    This technical / computer stuff. bites my big *^%#@

  30. I'm in for 10K! Would have loved to do the 100K, but since I'm running a 20 miler the day before, that's probably not going to happen. ;)

  31. I'm still in, and I did another 5k tonight. Only 90 more to go.

  32. Hmm, I tried to sign up for this yesterday but I guess it didn't stick. Anyway! I'm in for 10k but it will be over 2 runs as the furthest I've run is 5k :)

    Love your site, keep up the good work!

  33. I should add I'm in the UK so I guess I'm all out of luck for prizes. Still in it for the fun though. *Thumbs up*

  34. Count me in!! Not sure which one yet I will run but going to run!!

  35. I will see what the prize donors will do for shipping to other countries... no promises.

  36. What a great idea, Neil! I love it! I'd like to contribute to prize list. I'll send you a photo of all the giveaways I intend to donate. I can email the pic to you so you can post it on your website.

  37. Wow! Let's hear it for Thomas!!! *clapclapclapclapclappityclap* Thanks!!!!

    nzeller at shaw dot ca

  38. day one of the challenge...2.70 completed, don't know if the machine does km's or miles...

  39. Dwayne: It doesn't matter... hehe. It's probably miles, most are.

  40. I'm in! I'll do a 10k....because I can? :)

  41. I don't envision posting a note each day as I progress towards completing my VR 100 miles by 10/10. To see my runs click my training diary at


  42. Oh heck mark, I don't want your daily progress, LOL! I'll believe you when you tell me, DONE! That training log is pretty cool tho...

  43. Got it Neil, here's the deal, I'm now well past 100 miles:
    Week of Sept. 12: 62.7 miles
    Week of Sept. 19: 62.2 miles
    Week of Sept. 26 (thru today): 29.5 miles.
    Total: 154.4 miles with avg. pace: 8:21/mile.

    Let me know if you need anything else.

  44. uh, yeah, ur good Mark! great job!

  45. I'm in. Since I was slow in signing up, put me down for ... 10 km + 10 km + 1 km for good measure. Otherwise known as the Harvest Half Marathon :)

  46. Hey there Neil, since the treadmill is recording in miles I will be switching from the 10K to the 10M challenge. Completed so far is 6.43M

  47. Sounds like a challenge to me. Maybe you have a couple 10 milers in you by my B-day hmmmm Dwayne? Not your B-day though. 10-11-10. heh.

  48. Well how about this, I'll just keep an ongoing distance count after the first 10M is done and see what the total is when your B-Day rolls around.

  49. Have completed 35km.

  50. Hi,
    Quick check in! I did my 10k at the Urban Venus (with you - PB!)
    I did my 10 mile on Sunday (with Adam and yourself).
    There is a pattern here...
    I am good for another 10 mile and 10K before your Bday.

  51. Hey Neil! Your birthday is way more awesome than mine - I wish I was you!

    Anyway back to boring stuff ... did my 10k with bacon fat on: 1:16:24

    I'll post a race report in the next few days and send you a link.

  52. 2010 Virtual 10-10 race
    Trying to help your sponsorships, k?
    See you sprinting tomorrow at the Harvest Half!

  53. Challenge Day 3...Victory is mine! Posted a distance of 4.12M at the gym today to take me to 10.55M total. I'll keep tally going and give a final report on 10-10-10.

  54. Can I still get in? I'll do 10mi by the tenth.

  55. Sign me up for 10km if there is still time.

  56. Ok I am in Barefoot Paul will do 10 miles a new barefoot PR if all works out. Do or die

  57. I signed up yesterday, but my comment must have gotten lost in the ether.... Count me in for the whole 21K Towpath Half, actually on your birthday. Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

  58. Neil,
    Another 10mile yesterday at the HHM.
    I owe another 10k before the 10th.

  59. I did my 10 miles on 10-2-10; and I lived to tell about it so if I win, don't give Kate my prize after all! ;)

    My race recap is here:

  60. Im in!! 10k (half in training half on 5k race day). This is highly fortuitous, as I am a barefoot runner who will do her very first official barefoot 5k on 10.10. PLUS its on the same days as the NYC barefoot run (which I had already said i was going to run in spirit by running my 5k on the same day). So physically in MEXICO, in spirit in NYC, and VIRTUALLY in this contest! Awesome!!

  61. PS: ill do my race recap at my blog on 10.10.10 which also has a link to my dailymile page.

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. My run was a 10 mile barefoot run. A new PR distance on wet pavement barefoot. This barefooting stuff is good because you can claim PRs for different types of shoes and surfaces and times.

    No time on this run as I gave my watch to my son because he was having a bad day. Best excuse I have

    Ran from Princess Island park to a point just passed Edworthy Park in Calgary and back. Most of the run was on wet pavement but no blisters.

    Talked to two runners about barefooting. One said he was thinking about doing it. The other one exclaimed as he passed

    "Wow I could not do that" My responce "Yes you can!"

    Thanks Neil

    Don't give my winnings away.


  64. I'm in for a 10K. I did 5K this morning in the dark and I'll do another one on Friday.

  65. I'm a late comer, but I'm in. I'll do 10miles this weekend. Happy Birthday.


  66. Completed 9km - have 7.09344km to go - no worries - it shall be done!

  67. Completed and posted my race report. I did changed the distance from 10km to 11 miles!

  68. Hey Neil Z! I've got a race report for you as well.

    I hope you enjoy reading it. I had a great time running it.

  69. I'm in! I calculated the distance I've run since joining Neil and the gang (I think they're trying to kill me!)...185 Kms since mid-August!
    Does that count for anything?

    Will do 15K before 10/10 too...

  70. Just posted an update on my blog My total distance is 72km, I should easily manage 28km in the next few days.

  71. I'm Done my 10k x 2! Thanks for the contest Neil. mariea

  72. I am DONE! And I am glad that all that fun is over... now for a new goal :)

  73. I did my mile. And not just ANY mile. A mile of ONLY HILLSSSSSS!

  74. That's it, I have finished. 2 x 10 miles; 2 x 10 kilometres.
    Thanks for the goal and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
    Gobble gobble,

  75. Hey there Neil, Happy Birthday if i don't get to say it on 10-10-10. Completed 2nd 10M challenge with a grand total this week of 11.02M.

  76. I have to change my distance :( I've been sick so i'm not going to be able to do 10k... i can maybe do 1/2 10k .... or 1 mile... we'll see how it goes! I'll post my race report this weekend after i complete my race! :)

  77. I couldn't stand it - I got you another 10 k for your birthday! I hope you like it as much as I did and that you don't already have one like it (I can't take it back)!
    Happy happy,

  78. Wow - it takes forever to get to the end of the comments! I'm done! I did 1/2 the 10K on Tuesday morning. I went at 5:30 a.m. in the dark. I wore a light on my hat and ran on the air force base on a bike path that goes along A1A and the ocean. Then I finished up the other half this morning at Wickham Park. The weather was perfect at 63 degrees and sunny! Thanks for the great 10-10-10 virtual race! Have a happy birthday!

  79. I'm done!!!

  80. If it's not too late, I want in for 1.0 km (since there's only one day left)! =)

    And happy birthday!!

  81. I'm IN!! Put me down for two 1-milers as part of a 2-mile race.


    It's another blogland birthday tomorrow, too:

  82. My complete domination of Chris K is pposted at That Ipad is mine!

  83. Done (distance modified to 5k).

  84. I completed my 10 km + 10 km + 1 km (also known as the Harvest Half Marathon) on October 2nd in 2:27.06. It was my first ever half marathon, so I am perfectly pleased with my time. It was a beautiful day, a great course with amazing scenery and even more fun done with friends. Mariea and I stayed with Tammy C. for most of the first 9ish kms, at which time Tammy C. smoked us on a hill and I was too chicken to chase her so early on (especially once I clued in that she was probably chasing Judy up ahead!). That first 9 kms was a blast. We were all feeling great, running faster than we set out to run, taking pictures and truly enjoying the experience. Mariea and I then ran until the 15 km mark or so. My friend, Janet, jumped out at about the 10 km mark to run with us for a couple kms, then we passed Tammy C’s family and Mariea’s family. So great to see familiar faces on the route! After 15 kms, I popped in my iPod and had a peaceful, beautiful few kms on my own (trying to take it all in and reminding myself to always remember it). So let’s say the first 12 was awesome, the next 6 were peaceful and memorable and a little bit tougher. At the top of Sikome hill (just before the 18 km mark) my family was waiting to cheer me on (they’re the best!). We had a quick picture and I carried on. Now for the last 3 kms … well that is where my inner devil starts to say “Why am I doing this?” and “Who cares what time I finish it in” and “I just can’t run, I need to just walk”. So after talking “Devil Tammy” out of all that negativity, I somehow ran again and finished in the time I wanted. Thanks to my friends who ran it with me. It was fun, it was tough, and it was a huge accomplishment. Yey for all of us! What an amazing race, great route, beautiful weather, stunning views and such a nice group of organizers. Can't wait until next year!

  85. I did mine last week as I dutifully posted on my Blog. Now I need to go over to Kovas' blog and make some kind of snarky comment.

  86. Finished!! Ran 10km Friday morning, walked 5km Friday night, Ran 4km Saturday morning and a Final 11km trail run to finish it off on 10-10-10. Grand Total : 102km.
    Thanks for the challenge, it was fun knowing that a bunch of people around the world were all taking part.

  87. Finished my 1 mile today! Happy Birthday, Neil! Not much of a recap, but I did it!

  88. Adam is done! Happy birthday Neil!

  89. My race report!
    Happy Birthday, Neil! What a great idea this was :)
    Cant wait to starting looking through everyone else´s.

  90. My race report:

    Happy Birthday, Neil! May you have many more.

  91. Doin' the 10 MILE happy dance... I'm done done done! That was fun fun fun! Let's do it again!

  92. Run done. Race report posted:

    Happy birthday! October birthdays rock!!!

  93. Race done. Report here:

    Thanks for putting this on Neil!
    Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

  94. Done! Here's my report! Didn't race it, though. ;) Stupid knee!

  95. aka "Barefoot Fresca" (sorry for the schizophrenic blog names, but "Avocational Singer" was my first alter-ego and I cannot figure out yet how to switch my blogger ID while commenting on different-type blogs).

    I did as I said and ran my mile for your 10/10/10 birthday as part of my furthest distance yet barefoot -- 4.2 miles at the 1st Annual NYC Barefoot Run It was as easy as pie!

  96. Sorry my race report is late! It's finally up!! Here's the link!

    Glad you had a great birthday! :)

  97. Happy b-day- I did two 5ks -


  98. I'm done - yay:

    And I did 2 1-milers, not 2 1-k's :)