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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Awwww… and I REALLY needed a hug…


heh, the most people hugging for 1 minute. I coulda told you Calgary wasn’t the town for that attempt. Most beers drank at a rodeo maybe, but hugs? Shane Keating is trying to get elected as a city councillor. He could probably use a hug right now.

I race again tomorrow! It’s the Urban Venus Cupcake run. Cupcakes and mini manicures for everyone at the end!

The biggest news of the race is, my DW is a sponsor of the event and she just launched her Online Shopping Cart website for her brand new company Getta Gift! Gift Baskets! This is a local company, but we will ship, for actual costs if there is anything you out of towners like so much that you HAVE to have it! The site shows the standard offerings, and that will grow in the next few weeks; However, her company specializes in Custom Gift Baskets for corporate and private clients. These make great client or employee gifts fro holidays, birthdays! These baskets really make nice prizes in contests (Hint hint DW). Her Facebook site is up and running as well! Like it!



Way to go honey… Now show me the MONEY!!!!

Andrew O tagged me in another stupid online multi level marketing game. The only reason I do these things is… well, I kinda like them. Makes feel like one of the team. 10 random things about me hey? ok:

  1. I cry every time I see Mr Holland's Opus. Right at the end. Sob uncontrollably.
  2. Every year between Christmas and New Years I play online poker for a few days.
  3. I love Open Wheel racing.
  4. I like swimming in really cold lakes and streams.
  5. Every once in a crimson moon, I miss smoking. (13 years cold turkey)
  6. I would like to live full time in an RV.
  7. If I spent $135,000.00 on a car, it would look like it. It would be a flashy porsche, not a non descript beemer or the like.
  8. I love talking off and landing, but I hate flying.
  9. There are no bones in Ice Cream
  10. I celebrate my successes, some would say too much, but who are they? If you are successful at anything, you have my permission to yell from the rooftops, as you deserve it! *WoOT*

Thanks Andrew, that was fun. Now to tag 3 others. I wil tag YOU, um, you and… YOU. You know who you are, report back here when you are done! (I used the word you 6 times in those last 2 sentences… cool.

I have some more cool prizes coming in for the 2010 *10-10* Virtual Race, so tell your friends. And if you are here lurking around, feel free to play, the rules are really flexible, so if you sign up, you’ll probably be in the prizes at the end no matter… Have fun!

1010 VR Everyone is welcome, no experience necessary!


  1. Mr. Holland's Opus gets me every time too!!

    Good luck on your race! :)

  2. Love Mr. Holland's Opus!

    Tell Mr. Keating to come to Montreal...we're probably the capital of hugs and kisses on both cheeks :)