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Thursday, September 9, 2010

A bunch of stuff Thursday, or whatever people call it…

I love my hunka-hunka burnin’ chiropractor.

  • Went to chiro on Tuesday afternoon and had a run through on the hip. It was out of place, the muscles are all wrenched around and locked up tight. My mid back always needs an adjustment as I sit quite poorly at my desk. Neck is normally needing a little ‘crick’ on the right side, but it’s normally in good shape. The hips always need a flying lindy to get them back into place. Gotta work on the core. I left that appointment feeling pretty ok.
  • Woke up Wednesday morning and just about started crying. My leg and hip was so locked up I had to roll out of bed onto my knees and then slowly make my way to my feet again. I was able to loosen things up in a very hot shower, enough to get me through the morning. I had some errands to do and then saw dear dr. again after lunch.
  • Wed appointment was spent quickly cracking me back into place (I was pretty ok in this area) but WOW did we do some active release stuff that had me lifting right off the table at times. My strained right hammy was knotted up and Dr used all his strength to dig into the muscle tissue. I feel bad for the next patient as all they would have heard was this man yelling in agony. He also did some stretching for my hip that had me going from a pathetic 15ish degrees of hip bend to almost 90 degrees in about 5 minutes of these assisted stretches. I left considerably better this time and it lasted most of the day. I had a long hot bath this time and it seemed to relax the muscles even more.
  • Today will be my last appointment for a few days as my hip was in place when I got there, but the muscles were still wrenched around causing me all kinds of grief. We were at least 20 minutes working on the hamstring with some agonizing ART. He kept asking if I was ok between my grunts and groans, but I know he just doesn’t care as he never let up for a moment. Gawd that was awful. WOW do I feel better today tho. Still stiff, but not debilitating so. I have a list of stretches to do and a heating and warm bath schedule, just to keep things improving. Andrew and I walked over to the Good Earth coffeeshop this evening and I felt quite good during and still feel ok. Nice work Doc.

The eating deal is going very good. We don’t have any crap in the house, so we have to eat the good stuff! Tonight I made a wild rice medley, peas and thin pork chops. It was very easy and VERY tasty.

CIMG0145 he LOVED the wild rice!

We are keeping it simple and feeling really good so far. The last thing I wanted to do is make a big deal of the food changes, as it would make it harder to maintain. The smoothies are good, and we are eating fruit and veggies instead of JuJubes and Liquorice. Best part is Andrew isn’t even phased. He pretty much eats whatever we put in front of him. Being a big guy has it’s advantages as I went on Livestrongs Diet website and it calculated that I need to eat 2900 calories to lose 2lbs a week. That is a lot of wild rice.  We also made the wicked awesome Tuna Patties (recipe in this article at Impact Magazine)yesterday. yuuum. For a treat we are going to make the same recipe, but use crab meat instead of tuna… uh huh!

There were photographers at the Okotoks event and they captured how I broke the spirit of the little elfin girl at the finish line… sorry bout that little frodo. In the first photo she is a bit back of me… get used to it little girl the finish line will just disappoint you!!! Pwned! *wOOT*

Sheep river 2 Sheep river 3

On Monday evening I met up with Keith. Keith is an Ironman finisher. You know how I know? it said so on his shirt. I met Keith through Glavens blog (in New Joisey) and Keith lives a few miles from me. weird. We have been corresponding and blogging back and forth for a few months now, and we finally got a chance to have coffee (now that he is done training for IMC and has time for people). I wanted to get a candid shot of him when he came into Tim Hortons but there were these 2 fairly good looking young ladies in front of him. Here I was with my camera phone trying to take his picture and the girls wondering what kind of freak I was snapping a photo of them… below is the unfortunate (for Keith) result. I did get a shot of the moustache tho. That’s Keith behind the ol’ soup strainer in the next shot. If you have followed this blog recently you’ll know that Keith is a bit of a shite disturber in comments and he is no different in real life. I enjoyed his Ironman stories greatly. It makes me never want to do participate in an ironman.

CIMG0144 CIMG0140

I have a 5k race scheduled on Sunday in Drumheller. The race starts at the Royal Tyrrell Museum and winds its way through the badlands. Have you heard of the Royal Tyrrell? If you like Dinosaur Bones, there is no better place in the world to see them! We were supposed to camp out there this weekend, but we are behind at work and are all fighting off colds so we cancelled that and I will drive out myself, run and drive home! I love racing, did ya know?

The really good news is my lack of running has let my feet rest. They were a bit tired with a fairly hectic running schedule, but they are feeling rested and ready for the push to the Half on Oct 2nd.

Here is a serious question that I would like answered. What would you do if your 37th Birthday fell on 10/10/10? It is thanksgiving up here and I won’t be running, so what should I do that could make a memorable 10/10/10 birthday?

CIMG0146There is glass on the path, LOOKOUT! how on earth am I going to get over this? Uh, go around it. *barefoot runner snarkyness*

And! More super awesome pictures for you!

CIMG0128 IMG_2375 IMG_5352

  • Barefoot mileage since June 29th : 135km
  • VFF mileage since July 7th : 37.8km (12 on trails)
  • Shoe mileage since SOBF (start of barefoot): 5km (25:30 5k race PR on July 1st)


    1. you need another trail run mister... I'm training for the Gorilla run, so I got to get better on roads, but I am still up for trails.

      I'm glad the food is working for you. I'm trying to find a recipe for rice & beans & such. I still eat whatever I can, but this morning's run was a testament to bad diet (stomach goes swish-swish-swish)... 2km waddle back to the car. I made it though, but sheesh, too close of a call.

    2. I love the blog journey with you man! The pictures are awesome and I love how you are able to crush little girls like that! It's a super power!

      We might go out to Royal Tyrrell next year and a long trip to Banff, Canmore and then to Cold Lake to some of my flying buddies that still have their eye sight! LOL

      Post some pics if you can of the outside area ... I understand it's pretty bare ... or maybe I'm wrong.

    3. Go for a 10k or 10 mile run for your birthday, duh!

      Keep trying with the healthy foods. I grew up in a household full of chips, white breads, and ice cream as well as midwestern influence (Someone once mentioned "You guys put mayo on/in everything" which is probably mostly true).

      When I was old enough to know better, I tried to convince my parents to get rid of the junk but they didn't listen. I worry for my parents' health, especially as my Dad is getting heavier and headed towards Type 2 diabetes.

      I'm jealous that your little guy will get to grow up with in an active and healthy environment. Keep it up! It'll be good for you all!

    4. I love chiropractors too, and I know exactly what you're talking about when you talk about the next guy listening to you in agony. They really should shut doors and soundproof. Sometimes I wonder why I stay for my own ART after listening to the person before me. Oh yah, that's because I'm desperate for my own relief. Love chiropractors, hate ART. It makes me want to cry.