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Sunday, May 8, 2011

How does your thought process change now that you are a blogger?

Kate and I are having a short conversation at FB about our mindset as bloggers.

I tend to shoot pictures first, clean up later. Even when there is blood. I wrote about this photo here.


Does your view of the world change, knowing that you are going to write about it on the internet? What’s the CRAZIest thing you have ever photographed, for the purpose of blogging? Did it put life or limb at risk?


  1. I did not actually take the picture, but as I was facing traffic on the interstate jacking up my car to change the flat tire, I was this close to snapping a picture of the oncoming traffic. At that point, however, I was more afraid of the cars than committed to visuals for the blog.

    I'm going to be back here a few times to see what other people post.

  2. I'm still a little slow to whip out my camera every time I see something "interesting." I do, however, write blog posts in my head all day long. Most of them disappear before I get to the computer, but it certainly does change my perception of events to think how I would describe it to others.

  3. I rarely think about photos since I'm more of a text person. But I often think about what is going into my blog while I'm doing the workout. When interesting stuff in general happens I try to remember it for the blog.

  4. I love this... it is so true! I have taken pics of my kid being sick at the Louvre in Paris, my leg bruise while lamenting having used arnica so that it didn't get really colorful, used and wadded up diapers, my kid doing a face plant at the bottom of a slide, a close-up of my nose from different angles and other things... I don't think I've ever put life or limb at risk though. Oh, and I shot video of a toilet flushing... I thought it was a really cool toilet.

    I have found that my view is a bit different. I find that when faced with something unpleasant or difficult, I ask myself how am I going to want to blog about it. And often it helps me handle myself more gracefully :) Like when my son puked in the Louvre... instead of being embarrassed, I thought, "what an awesome post this'll make!"

  5. Ouch dude....that looks like sh*t.

    Hope you are okay!!!

    I ahve not put pics on the blog for awhile...too busy with other "life" stuff.

  6. Um, maybe a picture of me in a Toga? Or, when I made fun of Kovas for not winning a hat by way of a huge sign with a big Canadian Flag on it. I have definitely given people much fodder if they are accumulating evidence to prove that I am dork. Guilt.

  7. I found myself doing it more at the beginning than I do now :) That cut looks pretty nasty!

  8. I used to keep a journal for years. Blogging for me is like journaling, but since other people read it, I'm not necessarily as straightforward with my innermost thoughts and feelings. I also try to write about things that my readers may find interesting.

    That cut looks nasty! I hope it's healing well.

  9. I have been an avid blogger since 2007 and I awarded myself mother of the year award as I was waiting for my 6 year old daughter at the finish line of her 3rd mountain bike race and as she was coming down the hill she flipped over her handle bars in the rocks and started screaming immediately. The medics luckily were right there, as well as one of the race directors but, as my son and I were running over to her I stopped to take a photo before checking on her, for the purpose of blogging. Don't want to miss anything :-) She was ok by the way after 12 band-aids and an ice pack.

  10. Neil, that is an awesome question. I'm with ShebaJC in that I find myself writing posts in my head all the time. And I'm convinced I've forgotten my bests posts while stuck in traffic. I think it's ok to stop and take a pic of a bloody hand for posting. It's when you actually cut the hand for the post that you need to find someone to talk to.

    Dawn, that is awesome.

  11. OUCH!!!!! Yes I def think about what I'm putting on there. I almost went with no pics of kids at one point.