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Saturday, May 14, 2011

BondiBand, Ryders and YurBuds…

So I’ll start at the top and work my way down. This is a series of posts on the gear and fuel I use to run…

BondiBand website
BondiBand Facebook

I sometimes feel a little ladylike in my fascination toward the good ‘ol headband. I bought my first couple of BondiBands at the Calgary Marathon Expo in 2010 and now I have a whole stable of them. I actually think I look pretty cool in them, but the best part is the fact that I NEVER have sweat in my eyes anymore and I am salty dog to be sure.



You get the picture. For $8.00 each, you really can’t go wrong. The do what they say. Stay in place and wick moisture away. I think I look like a very stylish boy runner in them. Especially the ones with the Oriental letters. They may say “you suck at running” but I don’t care, they look cool.

Ryders Website
Ryders Facebook

I think I received my first pair of Ryders about a year ago too. In fact I am sure it was a year ago. I was sent a pair of Hex Ryders to try after I asked for a pair for a contest giveaway. Ok, so a year later and they have a couple scratches on them, but to be honest I have beat the shit out of them. Bottom of the Gym bag, from the car dash to the car seat to the car floor. In my jeans pocket. They are still in good shape, but for the price I went ahead I got myself another pair…

I totally think I could rock these AWOLS…

Or maybe not… These didn’t do me any favors… good thing they have TONS of styles…

white glasses

You know why that’s ok? Because they are $35.00. The optics are great, they are light and they don’t fog up any sooner than my $200.00 oakleys in –35c weather. So they are scratched. Now what? Um, set them off to the side as an emergency pair and get myself a pair of Ryder Drills. So good. $35.00 and I wear them every day. Running, to work, just hangin. They just work.

Yurbuds Website
Yurbuds Facebook

I don’t run that often with music. I am chatty charlie on the run. It’s sort of a condition of employment when you run without your shoes, that you are available for all the witty retorts needed when hearing all the ‘fun’ comments from the peanut gallery. “hey, you lost your shoes”… “Yeah, the guy who stole them is just up here, c’mon let’s get him!” .. hardeeharharhar.

The biggest reason I didn’t run at all with music is I hated earphones. I tried at least 4 different styles and just couldn’t get any to work. When I received my Yurbuds, I was amazed at how they were comfortable right away. I went on a 10k training run, with music (actually, I listen to dirty podcasts on the run now) and was pleasantly surprised that I never reached up once to adjust them. Good stuff. Sound quality is not compromised at all either.

There are times since that I have ‘hooked’ my headphone cord and the yurbud held fast! No annoying ripouts on the run! They really work that good. I have heard that over time they somehow lose their effective holding power. I am sure like any well used piece of running equipment, they will need to be replaced from time to time. For about $30.00 you get the custom fit, waterproof covers and a set of earbuds. Can’t go wrong with that can you? I was a little disappointed in the Laptop size box they showed up in, but otherwise have no complaints. My wife always said I have small ears, and you know what they say about small ears….

Small Yurbuds… what were you thinking? I am a size 6 Yurbud btw…

Next time:

GU, Nipguards and BodyGlide… Bet you can’t wait…


  1. "They may say “you suck at running” but I don’t care, they look cool." I love it Neil, run happy! Duncan.

  2. I've used bondibands before... they work really nice. I already wear glasses, so Ryders won't work for me, but I could definitely try Yurbuds, especially because my iPod earbuds got waterlogged during the Portland Half-Marathon last year and I haven't replaced them.

  3. Already a bondi band user but the yurbuds are something I have to get. My ear buds bothered me at the half a lot last weekend.

  4. Love Yurbuds! Bondibands slip down on me...maybe I'm a pinhead...

  5. You're right about the cool factor of the BondiBands. I mean, if you can pull it off in a portapotty, it must be cool. LOL!

  6. I just got some bondi bands and I am loving them. My yurbuds I was loving but lately they have been falling out. That makes me pissey.I would love Ryder glasses but already wear glasses. I wish I could put my prescritption in them and be styling.

  7. I need to get a set of the yurbuds but I keep forgetting. Thanks for the reminder.