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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

HI Hostels Kananaskis-100 Mile Relay 2011, June 25th

I am stoked. Really stoked.

Clint FB messaged me today and said that we got in! There are 180 teams max in this race and about 250 entries. You can get in automatically by raising a pile of money, and the rest of the spots are given out via lottery.

We are in! Oh btw,  I have never met any of my team.

Just like many of you that I have only corresponded with over the magical information box I talk with my fingers on, I met Clint on (of all places) the Running Room forum. Clint and I exchanged a couple comments regarding the Calgary Half marathon and then we friended on FB and sort of exchanged comments there for a while. We are dating now and are looking for a place to get a baby tend to exchange witty comments from time to time and have kind of been following each others running ‘careers’.

A while ago he asked if I wanted to join his team. He said they weren’t looking for speed, just a warm body, so I naturally said ‘As long as you aren’t looking for speed’.

The race is described on their website like this,

A 100 mile relay through the peaks and valleys of K-Country!
The 100 mile course begins among the rolling hills of Longview in south western Alberta.

At 6:00 a.m. the first heat of leg one runners will make their way along highway 541 towards the majestic Rocky Mountains. The course traverses the Highwood Pass on the highest paved highway in Canada and takes you into the Kananaskis Valley. Leg nine and ten runners will travel cross-country to finish at Nakiska, the site of the alpine events of the XV Olympic Winter Games

Here is the whole overview of the K-100 course. Teams get 14 hours to complete the 100  miles with forced starts for slower teams on a couple legs to makes sure everyone comes in in daylight. The race is run over the highest paved road in Canada and has a full 1000meters ( 3280 ft) of elevation gain with a starting elevation of 1240m (4068 ft) above sea level. So yeah. The air starts thin and gets thinner.

image image
image image
image image
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image image

Clint tells me we need 4 more teammates. Do you want to play? Yeah? ok, here’s what we’ll do. We will pick you for our team based on random and arbitrary reasons that may change over and over. We are in the Open division, so Boyz and Girlz are welcome to try-out.

To better your chances you:

  1. Are really witty,
  2. Are really fast,
  3. Come with sponsorship money (we would love to cover the $775.00 entry fee and van rental)

What do you think? Sound like fun?

Either comment here or email me at nzeller (at) shaw (dot) ca

Also, go follow SUAR, tell her I sent you. Just do it.


  1. That looks like a blast. Longer commute than I'm interested in, though. Have fun!

  2. I wish I didn't live so far away. Otherwise, I'd consider it.

  3. That's a lot of damn legs.


  4. This looks awesome...congrats! Were I in the area...and fast, I'd sign up.

  5. Sounds awesome, but I'm significantly financially challenged at the moment... Oh, and as we saw on Sunday, I'm also slow. A shame since I was sure that I could buy your vote with a little blue pair of gloves. :)

  6. You're going to have a blast. Would love to join the fun, but it's a bajillion miles away. And kilometers.

  7. Leg five is epic. What leg are you running?

  8. Congratulations on getting in. That's some serious downhill action.

  9. I will do leg 6. Thaat's all I need to do is STOP - DROP & ROLL!

  10. You crack me up. People do what you say, I like it.

    I will join if I can do leg six while drunk. I take no responsibility for endless farting or crude talk.

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