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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Would you rather...

... Look at lots of photos on my main blog as I currently author, OR would you rather click through to a picture service like Flikr or Picasa to see them? (or is the web albums I keep in my facebook good enough?)

And i feel bad because some hater clicked on YOU SUCK twice in each of the last few posts. It is haters? Or do they hate running and volunteering.

(edit) Nevermind. I changed it.


  1. I would take the "You SUCK" click off. There are more positive ways to disagree with someone. Replace it with an "I don't agree with this at all" button.

    Don't let haters get to you at all. They're always going to be there. They go everywhere and do it to lots and lots of people. It's not personal. It's all about them.

  2. I like both options. That's why I include pictures in my blog but I also link to the large version.

  3. i like them embedded into your posts. and im here to dont suck!

  4. I agree... embed them into the main post.

    I enjoy your blog, lots!

  5. I'm with LB. I like it when bloggers post lots of photos in their posts. I do the same thing.

  6. Lots of pics in the post, please!

    I just give one option for my little boxes- "like." I figure it's more like Facebook- maybe you don't have time to comment but you want to give a little positive feedback so... click "like!"

  7. You suck? Where's that link? I would have clicked that a long time ago if I could find it!

    But I still come back for more! Post in the main blog, please.

  8. I like the pics in the post and you totally don't suck!!

  9. Ummm, I take offense to the fact I no longer get to click 'You Suck'...

    Your darling wife :)

  10. I like the photos in the post, just maybe a smaller resolution so that they load quicker.