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Sunday, May 29, 2011

So Much to say about the Calgary Marathon…

…And my volunteer experience.

I met so many amazing people today.

I get in trouble for trying to hard some days. But not today. We (I) set up a rouge aid station on the race course with the supplies we were picking up from other stations. Nate and I had picked up a Course Marshall who was going to walk back to the start/finish line (8kms), and we offered her a ride as we were headed that way. 20 minutes later she was handing out water to thousands of runners. She did this with us for the next 4 hours. There were 2 guys up on the pedestrian overpass that were cheering on the runners. They came down and helped pour water for the next 4 hours. The guy who was taking pictures near us just started picking up garbage and returning sponges. He did this for the next 4 hours. Nate was up front handing out GU’s. He did this for the next 4 hours.

It was truly a special day for me. I will have plenty more to talk about in the next couple days about all of this.

Here is our band of Outlaw Aid Station Personnel. I’ll introduce you to each of them in the coming blog posts.


And here are 3 of the 250 some photos I took today. ALL are amazing. I’m not sure how to select just 30 or 40 for the blog…


This one over exposed, but with a little tweaking turned out very cool.


This is how happy people were to see us at 38kms… Good to see you again Ron! I saw Ron run by at 38kms during the Red Deer Marathon last week. I was standing in the Red Deer River at the time icing my legs after I finished the Half up there.



  1. Loved the rogue station. I remember thinking, "great water at 38km" then when passing the next station "another station so soon, weird?". Now it all makes sense. Thanks for the cheer!

  2. These pics make me want to race in Canada:) I bet it's a whole lot easier than running a marathon in TX! Cool shots!