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Friday, May 13, 2011

I never knew what I didn’t know…

… but now I know that I don’t know what I don’t know and I’m better off. The stuff I use to run has become more about my comfort and the fun of running, much more than a MUST have to be ABLE to run.

Does that make any sense? …ok then. I’ll put it to you this way.

I am not dependant on my gear to be able to run. Anymore.

It all started when I started running. I went into the Running Room in South Calgary and spent $800.00 on a pile of technical gear. Then over the next couple months, I spent an additional $1000.00 on gear and gadgets. I then proceeded to look down my nose at those who didn’t have the latest/ greatest in stuff.

You don’t have a Quadraphonic Blaupunkt?! How on earth do you even get off the couch?
You don’t eat Aguara Pronectar gels slots?! Man, you must crash and burn as soon as you start…
You wear cotton ginch? man, you must love to chafe…

I dunno. It’s pretty easy to get caught up in the hype over running swag. I did(do). I know now though, that I can throw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and go for a run. I do it more and more and I actually get a kick out of a completely unsupported run (especially barefoot). I feel light, free and unencumbered.

All that said, I LOVE running gear. It’s different now though. It’s not ever a NEED, but now it’s purely for comfort and convenience. Sure longer runs seem to require support, but I know plenty of runners who go as far as I have ever ran on a small hand held bottle of water and nothing else. I know most of what gear and nutrition I use and like on my runs is all about my own wants, I have come to enjoy my gear, but not need it.

So. I can run simple and encumbered, I know that because I have done it. But…

… I really dig running gear.

I know now that I REALLY dig running gear. I have purchased a TON of running stuff in the past, but I have been very fortunate that my running, and especially my writing about running has enabled me to try some cool stuff that I probably wouldn’t have tried if I didn’t write about my running.

Stuff I really like and use now, and will write about more in depth in the near future include:

All this adds up to happy ME!

Crossing the line


  1. Everyone has their own mix of what works for them. I used to wear traditional cotton socks when I ran until I experimented with running socks and found the best brand for me. I still prefer bobby pins to bondi bands to keep my hair out of my eyes. I can wear a simple sports bra because I'm flat-chested. I bought a Garmin recently, but didn't wear it to my last race. Glad you found what works for you.

  2. I think Track Coach may need to learn more about the nip guards!

  3. im a total gear whore, and triathlon has only magnified that fact. im working on trying to tone it down and not feel so dependent on my "things"

    is that a heel strike in that picture??? ouch!!!!

  4. I've decided to leave my Garmin behind on my next half marathon. I hate feeling like I'm a slave to the time of my run.

  5. I have very little gear for financial reasons. If the choice is between gear and race entry (which it is), I choose the latter and covet all the cool stuff I read about. That said, a Garmin is on my wish list and has been for a while. Some day...

  6. When I wear compression socks I feel like a superhero. That's the only reason I wear them.

  7. Loving a Happy Neil!! :)

    Isn't what most of what we own a want rather than a necessity? Sometimes I feel it's the reward for life's hard work.

  8. I used to buy a lot of gear too. I've owned a heart rate monitor, a Garmin, all sorts of clothing and expensive shoes. I've since sold the tech stuff and now just wear a watch. I sometimes don't even bother with that. The clothing I choose is for fun sometimes though -- I love bright compression leg sleeves and flashy running skirts. I don't need them, but it's fun to stand out:)

  9. Phew, you didn't get chicked in that picture.

    Socrates said that he was the smartest man in the world because he knew when he did not know.

  10. I just clicked on your link for NipGuards and sure enough they were what I thought. Can I say ouch for the bleeding nipple picture?!

  11. shirts are optional. Makes NipGuards obsolete.