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Saturday, May 14, 2011

K-Swiss from Planet Gear…

Of course I am going to be attracted to a Website called Planet Gear, that caters to the outdoor enthusiast, that sells products at a significant discount.

Of Course! ;0)

(I think that is the first time I have ever used a smiley face in one of my blog posts. Slap me if I ever do it again)


Tawnee from contacted me and wondered if I could write a quick shout-out to the internet. She asked me If I could share a quick post about the K-Swiss Deal. I said SURE, and thanks for asking!

First, here is a little about

We offer sales on top outdoor-gear, apparel, and travel destinations at up to 70% off retail. Every week we have new discounts and new opportunities to save.

More importantly, we hope to inspire people to get up and get out. Working here for only a month, my boss lets me take breaks to walk the office dog. We want people to find comfort and peace with themselves. Also, we are making huge efforts to help this world and the environment we live in. (let me know if you want me to elaborate on that!)

Sounds pretty cool! Makes my job seem pretty bland….

The Deal for the K-Swiss product starts this Tuesday. For your most up-to date info I would follow them on Facebook, but here are the deets in case you don’t ‘like’ to like. Also, Here is K-Swiss Facebook too. Oh, while you are FBing, here is mine too!

 Starting Tuesday, May 17th  Planet Gear is going to sell shoes and apparel from K-Swiss at huge discounts. 

Speaking of Jillian Michaels. (how’d you like that segway?) I would let Jillian Michaels work me out… I’m just sayin. Did you know it’s her last season on Biggest Loser? Maybe Steven Tyler would like to step in for her…


To be honest, I am probably more interested in this kind of thing….


FWIW, I wasn’t paid or given anything to get me to promote, I just dig the way they are going about their business and taking care of the earth at the same time…

Here is their mission. Pretty cool.

We believe in the outdoors.
Fresh air. Fresh tracks. Warm sand. Starry skies. Drifting snow. Lazy rivers. The places we go to renew our spirits and find inspiration.
We believe in gear.
Warm fleece jackets, stretchy yoga wear, energy bars/beans/drinks, bells for our beach cruisers… the things that bring the spark to our lives outdoors.
We believe in exploring.
Inspiring destinations, travel blogs, dreamy landscapes. Experiences that create sweet, unforgettable memories.
We believe in giving back.
Clean air, clear water, healthy living. To preserve our world, we donate to grassroots environmental groups through 1% for the Planet.
We believe in sharing.
We work with the best brands in the outdoor and active lifestyle communities to get exclusive deals on gear, apparel and travel.

I think altogether we believe that there shouldn't be anything keeping our members from enjoying life and the outdoors. We want to allow people to save their money on gear and apparel and be able to travel, afford adventures, etc.

I’m totally down with that…

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  1. I used to wear K-Swiss when I played tennis in high school, I flippin' loved those shoes!