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Friday, April 30, 2010

This weeks workout summary…

ran 15k on Sunday.. blah… was really good, blah, great company on the run…blahblah.

ran 8k on Monday…blah… was really good, blah, great company on the run…blahblah.

Blizzard blew in on Wednesday and put a halt to our speed session out at Sikome Lake. 2 things will stop us from running outside. –35 (f or c, you pick). OR a spring blizzard. you see, we will run in a winter blizzard anytime, but after we’ve had incredibly nice shorts and t-shirt runs, we will REFUSE to run in a rain/snow mix (It could also have been the 90km/hr winds we were having as well) So, I decide to use my not so used membership to Goodlife Gym in McKenzietown.

side note. I bought the gympass, after leaving my PT last Feb, WITH the idea that I would go 3 days a week. (it was a cost consideration) Goodlife charges $40.00/mo. so if I go 3 days a week it works out to approx $3.33 per session. I was paying $200.00/mo for a shared personal trainer that I was pretty faithfully going to 3 days a week, so $16.66 per session. following? Ok, so I never go to the gym. I have been to goodlife exactly 4 times since April, AND I renewed my PTing for 4 months (it ends today) and didn’t go to that either(much.lately). SO in the past year, i have shelled out $1280.00 in gym fees and have gone probably 12 times for a total of $106.66 per session. anyhoo, i digress.

So I actually used the Goodlife membership. I got to the gym feeling pretty good about myself, got changed and hopped on a treadmill for my scheduled 45 minute Hal Higdon tempo run. (run 15 minutes gradually ramping up speed, hold faster speed for 15 minutes and gradually slow down for 15 minutes) My legs felt really weird at first, probably not used to the cushy treadmill, but after a few minutes i actually felt pretty ok. 14 minutes later (of feeling strong and good and pretty proud of myself) a feel a *ping* in my gut. uhoh. what's the protocol for passing gas in a gym? outside you just move to the back of the pack and let free. I’ll hold it.

*ping* yikes. nope, gonna hold it. OK… it’s ok, it’s gone away. I’m ok.

I run the fast portion of the tempo run fairly well, aside from running too fast for the first 5 minutes and having to covertly hit the down arrow on the speed so no one sees me slowing down a bit (humbled) and only a couple minor *pings* to deal with. Did I tell you it is FREAKING hot in this joint? I am a sweaty mess. not the point. I get to the 30 minute mark and I slow down to a fast walk for a quick recovery. *pingpingping* oh gawd. Now I am squeezing trying sooooo hard not to break the dam because if I do, they are going to have to close the gym. 3 minutes of moderate cool down and I’ve had enough. I don’t have the physical strength to hold on anymore. I manage enough time to wipe my machine down, go get a quick stretch and then make it to the washroom stall in the change room. They only have 1 sit down stall and I imagined myself after 20 minutes having to yell at the other guys waiting “there is another washroom in the place…FIND IT!”

I tried to figure out what happened today to put my in this situation of an uncommon (for me) abort of a run and the only thing I could figure out was that I ate a REALLY healthy lunch at a ‘granola’ type of restaurant.

moral of the story? I don’t know. It would be pretty hard for me to say ‘Don’t eat healthy foods if you are not used to them’ but that is what I am going with today. Don’t judge, you weren’t there. If you were, sorry.

The blizzard had taken hold by the time I got out of the gym. For those who don’t know, My family owns a landscape construction firm and we plow snow in the winter (and spring in Calgary), so we were watching the weather with interest. I went to bed at 1am sort of understanding that we have never been called out after 1am before, so when I got up at 5am to let the dogs out (now you know the answer to the song), there was a text on my phone from 2am saying it’s a full plow request. I looked outside and we certainly didn’t have the accumulations to warrant such a request, so I called in. Apparently the North side of the city got pounded.

So Wednesdays workout went like this:

  • 5:30 am, snow brush repeats, clear windows of car – 67 repetitions
  • 6:00 am, fumble with gate lock, then struggle opening gate against a 90km/hr wind – 1 repeat
  • 6:10 am, snow brush repeats, clear windows of truck – 116 repeats
  • 6:15 am, manipulate 400lb plow out of snowbank and onto front of truck, 3 attempts, 1 successful
  • 6:30 –7:00 am, drive snow plow truck half an hour directly into 90km/hr headwind
  • 7:00am, get fuel
  • 7:00am- 10:00am gas pedal/plow controller/gear shifter combo repeats – 3500 repetitions

IMG_0504  IMG_0508

Yep, my tailbone and my craning neck are the casualties after a workout like that. the Cure? McDonalds Sausage and Egg McMuffin, TWO hashbrowns and TWO large coffees. yum. (imagine that, no *pings* either) I suk.

Thursdays workout.

  • 5:00am, the monkey wakes up and asks for a drink (and tells me under no circumstances will he go back to bed until he gets a drink)
  • 5:01am, fall down stairs
  • 5:01am – 5:08am, lay on bottom of stairs in oddly contorted way, repeatedly answering DW question of  ‘Are you ok’ with ‘I don’t know’  (after she shouted, ‘What happened’ as I'm sure the impact ranked on the Richter Scale.
  • 5:08am, I am pretty sure nothing is broken, but I cannot for certainty say nothing is pulled. As I lay in a modified fetal (think backwards and opposite) position My sense returns to me, and so do my pain receptors.
    • Shoulder – dislocated? don’t think so… maybe tho
    • ankle – battered, not broken
    • hip – bruised, I am sure
    • back…yeah, the back took most of the pounding as I am positive I was fully airborne in the horizontal prone position and came down fully on my back
    • head, well, let’s be thankful that the back of my head took a LOT of the impact when I landed as well, otherwise I might have gotten hurt.
    • hand… what the hell? why on earth does my hand hurt so bad?


Yeah, so the rest of Thursday mornings workout was spend looking for something to wrap this mess up with… It’s not deep enough for stitches, it did bleed really well, but try to figure out how to bandage this wound!?!

like this:


It isn't pretty, but it worked for now. the two little marks on the next finger hurt FAR worse than the big slice. Now how did I get such a gash falling down the stairs? In the name of beauty when we built our house, we put really nice iron stair pickets in along the stairs… yep… I grabbed onto that sucker in an attempt to not land once I became airborne. didn't work although my hand and shoulder gave it the ol’ college try.


I am really looking forward to a nice easy 3k TT tonight.


  1. I think I'd prefer a fall down the stairs to a blizzard, but OW dude. Take care of yourself, rest up, drink away the pain, etc.

  2. Yikes! Good thing you didn't end up killing yourself with that fall. Because if you did, I'd be forced to laugh because ... what a ridiculous way to die! I would be ashamed of myself for laughing, but really, you're the one who fell, not me, so I'm the real victiom here so STOP JUDGING ME!1!

    Seriously, take care of those wounds. Nasty cut you got there! Better line that bannister with nerf!