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Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Tech Shop…

I had a chance to visit ‘The Tech Shop” on Northland Drive today. I went inside, just to have a look around. It was a very nice store, that was uncluttered, but seemed to have everything a runner would need. I struck up a conversation with the young staff and found them to be surprisingly engaging and, even more surprisingly knowledgeable. I decided I wanted to see the New Balance 1064’s (I run in the 1063’s), and just my luck they had my size.

What I found most interesting ,was, the conversation I had with the sales girl while I was trying on the shoe was very smart and to the point. She spoke like she cared about my welfare, she asked great questions, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent there. Other people had streamed in while I was talking to the staff, and they simultaneously looked after everyone with ease and grace.

Great job ‘Tech Shop’ staff. If you happen to be in the area, please make a point of stopping there and shopping there. You won’t be disappointed, I am sure!


  1. What I found most interesting ,was, ... the sales girl ... was very smart and to the point. She spoke like she cared about my welfare, she asked great questions ...

    Tell the truth ... did you hit that?

    I soooo woulda hit that.

  2. Thanks for the nice review, it was really nice. I enjoyed your thorough and thoughtful review of this nice store. Thank you sooo much. I think if I was to have a sales girls like that, I would hope my children would turn out as nice and helpful as her!

    I love blogs from Canada the most! Thank you for bringing me the wonders of your great and powerful nation.


  3. Why thank you Glaven, your words mean a lot to me!

  4. Northland drive! What's a southie like you doing so far north?

  5. I know Keith. It was kind of an accident I ended up there. I saw it as I was driving by to a work appt. Thought I would scope the joint out, since I have been forever banner from the Running Room, I figured I'd look at other stores. My first choice is Gord's, but now the Tech Shop is a close second.

  6. @ G: You are a twisted and dark soul

    @ Neil: Unlike the disingenuous G, I really DID appreciate your through and nice review of such a nice experience. It is very nice to know that there is such a nice running store in your nice country. It makes me feel very nice.

    @ G: I win. I used 'nice' 6 times to your piddly a$$ 4