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Thursday, April 22, 2010

A couple “Cool Kids” events to mark in your calendar!

The first event is:

The Marathon Man is coming! Have you heard about Martin Parnell and his Marathon Quest 250? Martin is attempting to run 250 marathons this year!! WHAT?!? Yep, you heard me right, Martin is attempting to run 250 marathons this year! Why on earth would anyone want to run 250 Marathons this year? For Ego? Nope. For Fame? Not intentionally. For Money? Far from it. Martin is running for an organization called Right to Play.

In the year 2010 from Jan 1st to Dec 31st, In Alberta Canada, Martin Parnell will attempt to run 250 marathons. His goal is to raise $250,000.00 to Right to Play. Right to Play is an international humanitarian organization that uses sport and play programs to improve health, develop life skills, and foster peace for children and communities in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world. Right to Play also works in over 4,500 Canadian schools to inspire children and support their right to grow and learn, through physical activity.

Does that sound like something you could support? Really, we are all striving to ‘Play’ when we run, aren’t we? And could you imagine if you could not afford your kids sports, so much so that they were never able to play? Well here is your chance to help other kids in Canada and around the world just by running. Cool part is you don’t have to do anything differently that you already do.

I have invited Martin to come and run with us in Fish Creek Park on Sunday May 16th. He will run a 42.2km route that I have mapped out for him. Within that route are a couple loops that will allow you to run with Martin, no matter what distance you are planning on that Sunday. Here is the plan. Martin will start in Fish Creek park at Shannon Terrace. The goal will be for Martin to arrive at Sikome Lake at 8:30am, in time for our regular club run start time. Martin will have put in about 12km when he meets up with us at Sikome.

I have detailed the map, in Map My Run. You can have a look at this link.

Distances from Sikome that we can run with Martin are:

- 1 loop around the lake area and back to your car is 3.5km.

- 18km (is what my Calgary Half group is doing that day) is the loop around Sikome, plus the big loop east and North through Fish Creek, across the Sue Higgins bridge into Douglasdale. We will have a pit stop at Swiftys for some fresh baked cookies, then carry on along the ridge in Mackenzie Lake, across the bridge at the North end of the Golf Course and back to Sikome for exactly 18k.

- Any other distances can run the Lake loop, then do an out and back for the rest of your run!

Martin Runs 10 and 1’s like us, and he is very excited to run in the south here with us! This event doesn’t not cost you anything. You are welcome to donate to his cause, and you can do it here. Click on “join the team” and enter your info. If you want to donate cash, bring it with you to the event! You can donate anytime before, during or after the event!  You are not obligated to donate to come and run, you coming out does lots to raise the awareness of this noble cause! Btw, as of April 22 Martin has run 67 Marathons, including Boston!

The Second event is:

The Cool Kids Run Club is having a Fun Run and BBQ starting at 2pm on Saturday June 19th! This is a fun event for our runners, friends and their families. The distances are 2k (Kids run), and 4k and a 6k (guaranteed PBs for most). The event will run from the park behind my house in Cranston and will be run on the Public Pathways throughout Cranston and the BBQ is at our house. My DW Traci has garnered lots of sponsorships for this event including:

- Okotoks Dawgs Baseball

- Calgary Zoo

- Van Houtte Coffee

- Good Earth Cafe

- Sobeys (all the food)

- GU

- Cheechas snack chips

- Ice River Water

- Butterfield Acres

- Kananaskis Heli Tours (really!)

You are encouraged to bring your family! Kids too, as we will run the 2k event before the 4 and 6k events! If you have a family member that doesn’t run, they are more than welcome to come and help out to flip burgers or help on course etc.

Entry fee will be $10.00 per family, or $5.00 per runner, just to cover a bit of the costs that aren’t being sponsored.

I will send out an official invite to our little run community, but make sure you mark off the afternoon of June 19th in your calendars! FUN!


  1. Good luck with both these events, brother!

    $250,000.00? Is that Canadian dollars? Because that'd be worth, what?, a million American?