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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big Rock Runners…

… provided a link back to our blog on their links page of their website! Thanks!

Big Rock Runners host a very fun event that I ran last year, the Sheep River Road Race. It is on the Monday of Labour Day Long Weekend, Sept 6th. We actually camp out in Okotoks (I know, it’s like, 20kms from the house…hehe) and I just walk up to the start line about a km away.

Here is my race report from last years run.

I Had a Good Race!

I feel pretty good about it. While I didn’t make my goal time, the time I got was really good considering my lack of training this summer. Why was it a good race?

  1. The shirt.
  2. I had a plan to run hard, for each 2.5km segment of the race and take a short walk break to have a drink of water. I did that.
  3. #2 is significant because I usually walk (unscheduled) a couple times in the last 2km as I am tired and sucking wind. While I was tired and sucking wind, my thought was… “Steven doesn’t get to walk even a meter of his race, so I think I can manage to run this lil’ ol thing here to the finish.
  4. I felt like puking at the finish but didn’t.
  5. I got to see my son twice on course, AND just after I finished.
  6. I got to see my wife twice on course, AND just after I finished.
  7. I got to see my parents twice on course, AND just after I finished.
  8. My Time of 55:40 was 4 minutes faster than my previous summer best time!
  9. I got to walk to the start line from the campground, AND walk back from the finish with my beautiful wife. Andrew went back with Poppop and Nan in the car. 


Here I am on course. This is My homage to Silvio DeSalvitore from the Great American Road Race… If you’d seen it, you’d know.  I look much happier than I am in this photo…


Andrew, Poppop and Nan were keeping warm with some early morning calisthenics while they waited for me.


And a couple more action shots… the first one is getting ready to exchange the best High Five ever! I also like the last one because my calf muscle looks rippley… LOL

IMG_6965 IMG_6966

 IMG_6967 IMG_6955

I finished the race, got my banana and when I came out, Team ‘me’ were all there. There is nothing like the feeling I get when my boy sits and shares a banana with me at the end of a tough race.


After the race it was back to the camper for Hotdogs and Beans! I think that this meal may qualify for the best post race meal EVER! AND we are still camping. At least until this afternoon. cool.

The entry fee is worth it, Just for the Shirt, long sleeve, very soft technical and a really cool logo AND the race name down the sleeve! I have posted the link on the ‘endorsed’ races on the left side, but for those who have trouble with L/R, you can click here to go to the registration page (Reg. doesn’t actually start until July, but there it is anyway. The course is very scenic, running through the suburban pathways for the 5k, then the 10k continues for an out and back along the scenic Sheep River.

Their group also has LTR clinics and host a couple other events, check them out if you are in Okotoks! (I'm camping there for 10 days in July also, I'll have to drop in for a run!)

Oh, for our southern readers. It’s an all out blizzard here right now. I actually got called out to plow snow last night! yikes.snow plow

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