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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Great Wednesday Run…

Had a terrific run tonight. We had a variety of distance run by a nice size group. My Group ran 7x400 intervals and did great. The incredible spring weather made it even better. It’s funny how when you do speedwork, the distances go by in a flash. Breaking up the run into these short bursts, all of a sudden 5k is gone, then we are done and we have completed 8k! Also, we did the first 5k in 34 minutes, that included an extended break at the halfway mark for a water stop at the vehicles. The 10k group did a nice fast 3k and all seemed pleased with their run. After our run, our group broke into an impromptu core workout with some planks and side planks. It was weird, but I think it may catch on. I know a lot of runners add some strength training into the end of their runs. I like the idea. It would save a lot of money in gym memberships I don’t use.

On to Sunday, there is a 13k run scheduled. Our runners training for the Police Half are running 20k *woot*. We will also have groups running 5 – 10k.

Here is the ‘Mixin it up’ run I have come up with for Sunday (yes we climb Sikome hill at 7k, but we get to go down Stinky at 9k)… Click here to see it on Map My Run. There are plenty of ways to cut it off short for those running less than 13, and if you are doing more, you can do an out and back into West Fish Creek a the end.

13k fun run

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