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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Answer to a question…

‘Coolkids’ blog reader Anthony from North Carolina asks,

“Looks like you're near a big ass park. Gotta be some good trail running there, huh?”

This is in reference to his seeing the Hypothermic Half map I posted, and obviously zooming out to see Calgary and area on the map.

Well Anthony, if you are referring to the big green and somewhat bumpy area about 40 miles to the west of Calgary, then yes, it is a ‘big ass park’ that we like to call ‘The Rocky Mountains”. I personally don’t trail run as a common practice, however I know for certain that the multi use trails in and around the Rocky Mountains are second to none for outdoor pursuits of all kinds.

Popular areas in and around Calgary for running and other outdoor activities include:

There are too many to list them all, but we are very lucky to live where we do.

I have included an area map, so you may orient yourself to our location, as well as a map showing the relative location of Cary, NC as it relates to Calgary AB. Note, Google maps has us 3,979km or 2472mi apart by most direct road route.

map1 map2

Thanks for your question Anthony, and remember, always keep your stick on the ice!


  1. What's up, homeslice?
    Are you planning on running to NC now? :) That would be pretty stellar.

  2. Could you map a trail route from North Cackalacky to Calgary? ac wants to run it.

  3. Hey Zoe, maybe that'll be my goal race next year,the Uhwharrie Mt 20miler. uh... yeah, even though I never run on trails... or hills... or mud... or anything off pavement... sounds like fun!

    BFJosh, you are just talking nonsense now... I am pretty sure there is no place called North Cackalacky, just like there is no place called Saskatoon Saskatchewan... yeesh.

  4. Sweet! Thanks for the map guys! I am on my way.
    I should be there in 2 or 3 years.
    First I should stop and get a 55 gallon drum of body glide.

  5. Oh ac, it wouldn't take you 2 years, probably only 6-7 months. There is a guy here that is running 250 Marathons this year including Boston and New York among others. He is going to run 10,550 km or about 6600 miles in just 365 days! So you should have NO problem getting here this year. Seeya Soon! Oh, Martins' site is . It's a pretty cool story.

  6. Cackalacky is, for reasons entirely unknown to me, another word for the Carolinas. As in

    "I'm from Cackalacky, born and bred in a town over yonder, just down a piece. Not a fer piece, just a piece. Stop on by, you might could see me footin it like a moonshiner with a revenuer on his tail."