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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 4–Vancouver to Parksville–Hurry up and wait!

This travel day was a lot of Gogogogogogo… wait! gooogogogogogogo… WAIT!

We have been sleeping really well. Bed by 10, up at 8 or 9… this vacationing is hard work! woo. I got up at 7ish today tho, to head down to the pier and shoot some artsy morning pics.


I grabbed some coffee and muffins and headed back up to the room to rouse the troops. I can’t say enough about the Hotel. “Pinnacle on the Pier’ was just great. Friendly people, beautiful room, amazing location. I think it might actually be easier to stay here and SeaBus into town, than to stay in town.

The main reason we looked in North Vancouver for a hotel was the proximity to Horseshoe Bay. We were headed for Parksville on the Island and the Ferry from Horseshoe to Nanaimo was the natural choice. We didn’t have to be at the Ferry until noonish, so we lollygagged in the room, and enjoyed more of the views and comfort. Andrew take time in each stop to set up an ‘American Ninja Warriors’ course in the room, using luggage, chairs and bedding. He’s pretty honest about his performances too. He’ll lose his balance and touch the floor and you’ll hear ‘Oop, I’m out’.

I took a few more shots from the balcony…


Since we had already ate in the room we headed straight for Horseshoe bay. I was very happy to see signs directing us!!


The drive was uneventful (thankfully) and we arrived early. Since we were early and the reservation form says to check in 45-30 minutes early, and we were an hour and a half, I almost decided to go into the village instead. I didn’t and it was a good thing. We were up close in the line and we can leave the vehicle and walk into the village. If I had chosen the Village road, it would have been almost impossible to get into the line to get on the ferry. It may have been very stressful for us. Instead it was very relaxing to walk around the quant little tourist town, have a bite to eat and watch the marine goings on. Make sure you take some extra time when you are departing from Horseshoe Bay, the village is worth it, if only for the Halibut and Chips at Trolls!


Not sure who has captured who here…

We headed back to the car just in time to hear the announcement that we were to head back to our cars. It wasn’t more than 10 minutes and we were loaded and headed up to the top deck. It was an amazing day out so strolling along the sun deck was the order of the day.


We departed and headed for the Island! Woot! Our goal has been Vancouver Island and we were almost there! less than 2 hours to cross the straight.

The boat motion got to me. I have a history of sea sickness. That’s why when I booked the ferry crossing I picked the biggest boat in the fleet. Still I was ‘unsteady’ for the duration. Sucks for me, but Andrew is completely unaffected. So that's good.

We drove straight up to the Lodge. The place we are staying had a midweek deal in a 1 bedroom suite. It was a welcome surprise that it was as amazing as it was. We are here for three nights and we couldn’t be more comfortable. IMG_2789IMG_2791IMG_2793

First things first. Let’s head down to the beach! Aww.. it’s high tide. Still amazing, but anxious to see the beach at low tide. We have heard much about this amazing place and can’t wait to spend some more time down here.


We went off to the Quality Foods to stock up our kitchen for our stay, caught up on our olympic viewing and then it was an early bedtime for all of us.

No Drama. Good stuff. Can’t wait for our beach day. Let’s hope for great weather!

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