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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Remember that Seinfeld? The one where Kramer bought a horse and carriage? Well, we got a bit of that today, but for the most part it was an enjoyable and odor free ride.

See my hand shadow?

We just hung around the park today. Andrew and I hiked across to Bald Butte and checked out the edge of the world together.

He got two special cobblestone rocks from the edge of the world. he likes them a lot!

We also went for a hike. This happened (as i transposed in Facebook)

We went for a little hike tonight. As we were walking along the lake we see two girls sledding down a hill that heads straight for the lake. There is a small berm just before and the girl comes sliding down, hits the berm and falls off the saucer sled. The sled continues down the bank and ends up rolling across a bit of ice and comes to rest floating in some open water 10 feet from shore.

The girl, without missing a beat starts to head out onto the ice.

Me: WOAH!! stop. Don't even think about going out there.
Her: dumb look.
Me: seriously, that is very thin ice, do not go out there!!
Her: dumb look
Me: listen, don't go out there ok? Say ok!
Her: dumb look.
Her: uh-huh.
Me: it's an incredibly cheap piece of plastic, after we leave, leave it there!

So we sort of spied on them for a bit to make sure they weren't that stupid but since it was getting dark out we headed back to the cabin, knowing we did all we could do and if they still tried to get the sled and drowned, there was probably no words of warning that would have stopped them from trying...

Anyway, no sirens tonight so all must be good!

He has completed probably the equivalent of a marathon in sledding distance up and down the hill this weekend too! He sleds to the bottom of his first run of the day, finds a chunk of hard snow, places it in the back of his sled and calls it his snow friend, while making me snow-sit his snow friend at the top of the hill on the sled trips that are known to be bumpy rides.

Oh yeah, when we were hiking on the woods earlier, we had to detour Around a fallen tree. Andrew was leading the way and just leaped down onto a frozen creek.

I looked at Traci and said "hmm, I wonder if the ice is safe, let's send the boy to check..." hehe.

Ok, that's it, we are planning an adventure back to Calgary tomorrow so I'm sure we'll have more stories to share.


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  1. sounds like you are having an awesome time!! i really hope that little girl wasn't dumb enough to go out there!