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Saturday, July 30, 2011

I’ve nominated myself for the Q&A deal.

So ask me anything.

Wait. What?

I’m Neil. I used to blog a LOT.

You’ve never heard of me?

Well then, should make for some interesting questions.


Also, for those of you sweltering in the south and east, a little something for you. Click it and make this pic your background image and it’s guaranteed to cool you down.



  1. I see you run in CEP's. Are those your fave brand of compression apparel?

  2. 1) How is work going?
    2) Are you looking forward to winter?
    3) What is your favorite dinosaur?
    4) Who is the boss, you are Tracy?
    5) How could Rush be so good in the 70's & 80's and so sucky in the 90's and 00's?

  3. Is it still winter there?
    What do ya think about Jack's predicament?
    Do you think we will get that pipeline to the states?
    How's life?
    Do you miss blogging?

    Take care swiftly!!!

  4. Was it calculated on your part to do the Q&A after the blogworld saturation of Q&A posts had subsided?

    I will now ask you some of the questions I received...

    Where did you lose your virginity?

    Do penguins have knees?

    What is your stance on spanking? Sex education?

    Do you nag?

    Have you ever been in a bad car accident? if yes, what happened?

    Do you tend to adhere to the speed limit, drive over or drive under?

    What does it take to be one of the "cool kids"? Is it worth it?

  5. Neil...
    Where have you been?
    Where IS your cousin Peter?
    How did you proposed?
    Do you speak any French?
    You running these days?

  6. Was the picture for this post "doctored" at all?

  7. All your pics of Canada look beautiful. Is there not a place that isn't scenic in Canada?

    Have you always lived in Canada?

    How long does summer last where you live?

  8. What is your favourite car?

    What is the hottest temperature you can remember running in?

  9. Is there a marathon on the horizon for you?

    Favourite part of Fish Creek Park?

  10. Do you have more running gear? or photography gear?

  11. Do you think that barefoot is a lifelong change?
    What is your favorite thing about snow?
    Are you a soft slushy snow or crisp powdery snow kind of a guy?
    Would you rather run barefoot on the 115 degree pavement of AZ or the -40 degree pavement of Canada?