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Monday, January 17, 2011

Just the facts vol.1 epsiode 1

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Great week of running, except for the part where I actually froze my Ass. Highlights include TKO conditioning clinic with Pete Estabrooks. Lowlights include finding out a good friend has Cancer and is starting treatments on Thursday at Mayo Clinic Scottsdale on Thursday. Lots of prayers for our ‘Energizer Bunny’ please.

Just the Facts Feature Blogger of the Week is:

***Melanie at Half Marathon Rookie.***

Melanie has a great blog, based in Ohio, and she wants to run a half in under 2 hours this year! Melanie is having a procedure at the hospital on Tuesday that will help fix a heart issue she is dealing with, so go on over, follow her great blog and give her some blog love to help put a smile on her face!

Also, My Lovely wife Traci is making custom jewellery and would like to show off some of her creations. You can see her work at her Etsy shop as well as on her Facebook page. She is happy to make custom pieces for a special occasions! Take a look, ‘Like’ her Jewellery page on facebook to keep up to date on her new creations! Here is what is known as a ‘Barefoot Sandal’.. cool! These are very popular for beach weddings.

Barefoot Sandal 1 Barefoot Sandal 3

Just another teaser…

And finally, not sure if I have shared this photo before, but it’s handy right on my desktop now, soooo… enjoy!



  1. Talented wife, beautiful picture, will go say hi to Melanie. Have a great day!

  2. Leave it to you to literally freeze your ass off.

    Re boxing, it's just like running: the cardio is a side benefit of learning how to use your body. A well-thrown punch uses the hips in a way you might find familiar.

  3. awesome jewelry!!
    That photo is so peaceful to look at as the snow plow makes its rounds around my neighborhood!

  4. Lovely jewelry! And that photo is awesome!

  5. My sister had a beach wedding last year. She didn't have any pretty foot jewelry though. What a loser.

  6. As always cook stuff ... and totally unexpected.

  7. Great photo of the waterfall. Does she make a barefoot sandal for runners?

  8. You should run a contest for that Jewelry. I love etsy. If I was a chick I would so buy some. I gotta say, it's an interesting concept.

  9. thanks for the mention neil!! i am feeling better today. have to take a week off and then i get to run again! :) gonna seem like forever.

    your wife's jewelery is beautiful! i am going to check out her page right now.