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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I thought It was going to suck, running BF with the stone bruise from the spray park, and while it was an annoyance, I still enjoyed my run tonight. 4.5k in about 30 minutes. I worked on shorter strides and lifting off instead of pushing off and it seemed to help. The hotspot on my right big toe did develop a blister, but there were no hotspots anywhere else. Also, I felt like the tightness in my interior and superior extensor retinaculums was non existence this run so I think a bit of an improvement is evident.

The pathways were pretty busy tonight so there were a lot of people looking down their noses as I approached them, looking at my bare feet. It’s pretty funny, I'm not sure how I should respond. For now it’ll just be “What the F&*k are YOU looking at!!! Jackass!


  1. "WTF are you looking at, Jackass!" is a good response in most social situations, I've found.

    It's pretty all-purpose. I use it at family reunions and such.

  2. Damn, you are doing great.
    I am still around 2-4K for my barefoot runs. I find it is OK to keep running with the toe blisters, because they are very good at reminding me not push off.
    I have only got positive comments from people like, "Wow, that's impressive!"

  3. Thanks AC! that's great advice!

    Like the blind leading the blind...

  4. ac wins the thread!

    I think it's not a bad idea to continue running with non-serious injuries, so long as you pay attention, for the reason he said.

    As far as looks go, people kind of have to look down their noses, given the location of your feet. They might not be judging you so much as wanting to look without looking like they're looking.